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a local farm
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Aaron and Samantha Klinck
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963 Morrison Road, R.R. #3 Jasper
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Eastons Corners/Jasper

Welcome to Funny Duck Farms! We are a small, diverse, certified organic farm that does not use any soybeans in our animal feeds. We are striving to create a sustainable system wherein we produce all our livestock feeds on farm, and traditionally grain fed animals (like pigs and chickens) are converted to forage eating instead. Out in our pastures and woodlands are where you will find our laying hens, ducks, broilers and heritage pigs, beef & dairy cows. Pasture raised animals provide excellent, nutritious food for people without harming the land, the environment, or resorting to the use of chemicals and medications. All of our certified organic feed rations used to supplement our animals are free of soybeans. We are pleased to be Canada's only year round certified organic Whole Farm CSA. Our CSA runs 50 weeks of the year. Shares include a bit of everything grown on the farm: certified organic beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb, all you can eat eggs, honey, maple syrup, veggies, some fruits, and herbs both culinary and medicinal. We have limited spaces for the 2016 season, please contact us if you would like to be on our waiting list.

Funny Duck Farms is a family owned and operated 224 acre farm Certified Organic by ProCert-Organic Systems.

Our farm fresh foods are available through our Whole Farm CSA only. We also offer an Organic & Natural Food Co-op buying club. Farm tours can be arranged if you would like to learn more about how the sun is connected to the grass and soil, which are connected to the cows, chickens, and pigs, which are connected to the gardens, which are all connected to our health. Any fresher, and you’d have to slap us!