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a local farm
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Hilary Moore
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(613) 259-2177
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325 Concession 6A
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Teamwork Community Farm (CSA) provides a full season's worth of fresh, organic vegetables. Our mission is to nurture our farm and the people who we feed. Empowerment comes through participation, facing challenges and good eating. Teamwork CSA is operated out of Maplelane Farm, the new home of Nick and Hilary Moore. Maplelane Farm has been farmed organically for over 30 years. Our farm is a lovely balance of field and forest. We raise laying hens year round and Tamworth pigs during the summer. We also have Suffolk Punch work horses, Jazz and Winnie.
Hilary Moore started Teamwork CSA 10 years ago and have been farming organically for 13 years now. Though Maplelane Farm is not currently certified organic, it is operated in accordance with the certification guidelines.
Our veggies are sold through the CSA or at the Almonte Farmers Market on Saturday mornings between 9-12, May 19th through till Thanksgiving, or at the Union Hall Market on Friday evenings between 3:30-6:30pm, June through until October. Our eggs are sold year round at Dunbrae Farms in Almonte or at our farm in Lanark. Our pork is pre sold, by the half or whole animal and can be reserved by phone or e-mail.



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