Apple trees for sale

Bare root apple trees for sale on farm or at Perth Farmers' Market.

The following varieties with 2 different rootstock are available south of Smiths Falls.

Courtland (1915, New York) - Zone 4 on M9 dwarf rootstock (8-10 feet tall).  Hardy, mid season (Sept), red apple that is good for fresh eating, salads and juice.  Offspring of McIntosh, white flesh does not brown easily and has a sweet flavour.

Ida Red (1942, Idaho) - Zone 4b on M9 dwarf rootstock (8-10 feet tall).  Late season (October) red apple that is good for eating fresh and juicing.  Mild flavour but is an excellent keeper for 3 months or more.  Heavy producer.

Honeycrisp (modern) - zone 4 on M26 semidwarf rootstock (12-15 feet tall).  Mid to late season (end of sept - Oct) red and yellow apple.  Disease resistant, with a crunchy, sweet flavour it is great for eating fresh or drying. Stores well.

Wealthy (1869, Minnesota) - Zone 4 on M26 semidwarf rootstock (12-15 feet).  Mid season (early Sept before McIntosh).  Disease resistant bright red apple with a crisp juicy flesh, all purpose good for eating fresh, cooking and drying.

Wolf River (1879, Wisconsin) - Zone 4 on M26 rootstock (12-15 feet).  Mid season (Sept) hardy red apple is one of the largest apples.  Great for cooking and keeps it’s shape, fairly sweet and doesn’t need much added sugar, can be juiced.  Some disease resistance.

Hayatama Asian Pear - Zone 5 (12-15 feet tall).  One of the hardiest asian pears first to fruit in August.  Medium sized orange brown skin with a juicy, tropical flavour. Needs pollinator

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