Cheesemaking Workshop


Saturday April 30, 2016


A trip to the Mediterranean


Feta and Mozzarella!


Recognized as one of the very first cheeses, even quoted in Homer’s Iliad, Feta!  

Now you will be able to make your own!  A tasty and versatile cheese that is easy to make and even easier to eat!


Codified in the first Italian cookbook in the 1500’s,


What a treat homemade mozzarella is; fun to make and even better to eat as fresh table cheese or cooking.  


Both of these cheeses you can make at home with utensils already in your kitchen! 


This is a full day workshop, covering the principals of cheesemaking at home while learning to produce fine cheese right from your home kitchen.  The workshop begins at 10am and will finish around 4pm; including a gourmet lunch, comprehensive notes and recipes.  Cost $150/person

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Join us and share the magic of making cheese at home!


I found myself on Liz's cheese workshop only because my friend wanted a company. But it happened so, that it became a turning point in my life for many reasons. Firstly, I found my very good friends -Liz and Denis.  Secondly,  I loved the cheeses and the milk and the butter so much, that I ended up buying a cow. Now I am eating my own cheese and butter and very happy about it. And the third reason was that Liz's meals were INCREDIBLY delicious! I did not know before my first dinner at Liz's place , that food might be SUCH an enjoyable experience. I am very grateful that I had a chance to meet this nice couple, to eat the heavenly tasty food they prepared for us and to learn a lot of practical skills I would not be able to get anywhere else. 


Maria Pchepiourko,


The cheese making class at Eliden Farms was fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to farmer and city dweller alike. Liz did an excellent job of making a very educational class both fun and enjoyable. Many other cheese making courses offer a chance to make 4 or 5 cheeses in one day, but Liz focused on two cheeses. This meant I came home with an excellent understanding on how to handle the milk, how to make the cheese, how to keep everything clean and safe, and better yet, I was immediately able to re-produce in my own kitchen what I had been taught by her. Her thorough teaching on Mozzarella and Feta meant I was then able to apply that knowledge to other types of cheese. If you want to make your own amazing cheeses at home, you need to take this class!




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