Tiraislin Fold

Contact person: 
Rosemary Kralik
Phone number: 
613 268-9999
Email address: 
113 Clarendon Rd. at the Kingston Line
Closest community: 
Between Elphin & Maberly

Tiraislin Fold is a 722-acre farm in Lanark Highlands, 100km west of Ottawa, where Rosemary Kralik raises Tibetan Yak, Highland Cattle, Sheep, Goats & occasional Tamworth pork. Rosemary is an exponent of Freedom Food; all the animals are pasture raised, with free access to browse and forage.
The most important promise she makes to them is that they will have a happy, healthy life, and when their time comes, she accompanies each in comfort, calm, and quiet. Kralik is convinced that the meat from happy, strong animals makes a huge difference to one’s health. People often visit to experience the marvel of the animals’ presence and interactions.
Animals from Tiraislin Farm are free of parasites, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics and are raised on the best local forage. They are prepared by a local abattoir and cuts are wrapped in butcher’s paper.


Yak, Highland beef, lamb, goat, available in roasts, stew, chops, minced, sausages, salami, soup bones, tallow, wool yarn, pelts, hides, fleeces, paintings, sculpture & Portraits on commission .