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Agape Gardens's picture
rural Perth, ON

Agapé Gardens is home made, small scale labour of love located in rural Perth, ON. Through its hand grown, hand craftednutrient-dense products we want to share our journey of passion for health and well-being.

A Taste of Agape:
Living Foods, Artisinal Cuisine, Educational opportunities

Alpenblick Farm's picture
Petra Stevenson and Robert Oechsli
8138 Golf Club Way, Ashton, ON
Carleton Place

Only 30 minutes from Ottawa and 15 minutes from Carleton Place, we raise organic beef (Simmental), goat and lamb in a very peaceful setting on close to 200 acres of pasture, off the grid. During the milder seasons, our animals live of our land. This farm has been organic since 1972.
We have a very unique farm operation where all the animals are roaming freely and are very tame, including Freddy, the pot bellied pig. We are creating an educational environment for schools and offer summer camps to teach young and old about a healthy life style and organic food sources.
A respect for animals and producing food naturally is what drives our farm. We practice organic farming because it is a philosophy and it's the way Robert was raised on his family's farm in Switzerland. Our farm is open to the public for visits and long walks.
You can purchase our products at the farm gate or the Carleton Place and Stittsville Farmers’ Market. Our meat and cheese are very popular.  We are long time members of the Canadian Organic Growers. Please call for more info about our products and cow shares.

Amaranth Farm's picture
Margaret and Tony French
2116 Old Brooke Road

If you have ever considered keeping dairy goats for home use or are seeking a suitable starter herd for your hobby farm, Saanens may be the best choice for you.
Originally from the Saanen Valley in Switzerland, Saanens make ideal backyard goats because they have excellent temperaments, are easy for young people to handle and make good mothers. As one of the world’s largest dairy goat breeds, Saanens typically weigh 150lb or more, with bucks weighing over 200lbs. The white and cream-coloured breed is also valued for its generous milk production and for its ability to adapt to environmental changes.
At Amaranth Farm, homesteaders Tony and Margaret French are currently raising a herd of nine Saanens. Each day, the does produce between three and four litres of milk and after the kids are born (usually in March of each year), the couple uses themilk to make soft goat cheese (for own use).
Amaranth Farm typically has a few Saanen goat kids available for sale each year, and sometimes a yearling ready for breeding.  The goats are brought up on organic feed and grain.
Tony and Margaret welcome those interested in learning more about homesteading or goat herding (including milking and cheese making) to contact them for a visit to Amaranth Farm. The couple are members of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, Canadian Organic Growers, National Farmers Union and Maberly Fair.


Generally available: Young stock of Saanen dairy goats available in September (best to inquire several months in advance) and sometimes a yearling ready for breeding.  Amaranth Farm is careful that the goats go to good homes and recommend that at least two goats be kept together for company. Farm gate eggs also available.

Ashton Glen Farm's picture
Dave and Diane Smith
dave at ashtonglenfarm dot ca
Just west of Ottawa in Beckwith Township

Ashton Glen Farm is an organic, environmentally sustainable beef farm located just west of Ottawa near the village of Ashton. Nestled on 130 acres, Ashton Glen is home to the Smith family, horses, dogs, cats, a wide variety of wildlife Yorkshire pigs and a healthy, vibrant herd of Angus cattle. We sell our beef and pork by the cut at the Mainstreet Farmers Market on Saturdays starting at the end of July

Organic Grassfed Angus Beef and Organically raised Yorkshire Pork. Beef is only sold during the grass season of the end of July to the end of October.It can be purchased by the cut, as a mixed quarter or a side. Pork is available in June, September and December by the side.

Ashton Naturals's picture
Shawn and Jo’Anne Cassidy
247 Glenashton Road. From Ottawa take 417 W, exit Toronto/Carleton Place. Turn left on Ashton Station Rd., and continue through town until you reach Glenashton Rd. We are the third house on the left.
Carleton Place

Since purchasing their farm in 2006, Shawn and Jo’Anne Cassidy are working hard to provide fresh local canned products from local fruits and vegetables.  I can be found at the Carp Market and Rideau Pines Farm.  I plan on being in a few local stores in the coming year.  I make a variety of jams, jellies, chutney, pickles and other canned products made from fresh local produce.  I also have have meat pies during the Christmas season.

Jams, jellies, marmalades, chutney, pickles and a variety of canned products.

Ashton Station Garlic's picture
Dave Cornell
1967 Ashton Station Rd. (intersection of Ashton Station & Ormrod Roads)

Garlic is king in Dave Cornell's garden.
Sure, he grows a wide range of other crops such as asparagus, tomatoes, green beans and rhubarb, but garlic is his primary focus - 3000 plants covering 13 different varieties.
While Dave has been an avid gardener for 40 years, it was only 20 years ago that he started growing garlic and that was just as a lark to see if he could do it. He had been moose hunting with some buddies when the topic turned to growing garlic and Dave took up the challenge of seeing if he could grow it.
"It started out as a hobby and turned into an obsession" is how Dave describes his two decades of growing garlic. Dave sells directly at farm gate as well as at the Eastern Ontario Garlic Festival held in Verona and the Lanark County Harvest Festival, located at Beckwith Park. His daughter Donna Chute uses his garlic to make jellies such as balsamic fig, cranberry onion and roasted garlic jellies - all marketed under the Ashton Station name.
The flavours of the individual varieties range from mild to strong, some bulbs contain many cloves, others have fewer but larger cloves. "I specialize in the hotter varieties of garlic," Cornell says, stating that this is where the market is these days.
Growing garlic on the scale that Dave does is virtually a full time job during the growing season because of the weeding, watering and fertilizing involved. Dave is a passionate organic gardener and while he is not certified, he does everything organically. He has four compost bins which provides him with compost. He also uses sheep manure and bone meal for fertilizer as well as grass clippings for mulch. 
Dave's customers keep coming back he says because quality sells and also because they want organically grown garlic. He says that his garlic has a much deeper and distinctive taste than what is generally sold in stores. Taste is the key, Cornell says. If customers like to eat the garlic, then they will be back to buy more of it.
But he is adamant that the garlic he sells must be quality, no matter how much work is involved. This can mean working in the summer heat for up to 8 or 10 hours a day. There is a lot of hand labour involved.
"Go quality or go home," Dave says.

non-certified organic heirloom vegetables - from asparagus to zucchini
13 varieties of garlic

Battle River Bison's picture
Richard and Cheryl Allan
(613) 326-0573
15593 Hwy 7, R.R. 6 Perth, ON K7H3C8

Battle River Bison is named after a river that runs through several family farms in Alberta. Richard Allan brought his dreams to Ontario when he, his wife Cheryl and their two children made Drummond Centre just outside of Perth their new home.
Since 2006, they have raised bison for meat while working to make their land once again, farmable. “These beautiful animals are a joy to watch and we encourage everyone to bring their camera and stay for a visit,” says Richard. Animals raised at Battle River Bison are free of steroids and growth hormones.
The meat is sold at the Carp Farmers Market, Foodsmiths (Perth), Garden Market (Smiths Falls) and the Natural Food Pantry (Kanata). If you are dining check out the Dalhousie Lake Restaurant in McDonalds Corners for our burgers. Farm-gate sales are also available.
Among the many health benefits of bison are, low levels of cholesterol and fat and high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, as well as iron.
Members of: Canadian Organic Association, Ontario Bison Association, Canadian Bison Association

bison meat

Beaver Pond Estates's picture
Paul and Mary Lou Pospisil
3656 Bolingbroke Road, Maberly ON K0H 2B0

Thirty years ago, as a retirement project, Paul and Mary Lou Pospisil turned a 17-acre bush lot in the SW corner of Lanark County into a small farm called Beaver Pond Estates. Their quarter-acre garden is surrounded by lovely perennial gardens, shrubs and fruit trees, and features many cultivars of organic seed garlic.
Paul, known as ―the garlic guru of Eastern Ontario, and Mary Lou are founders of the Perth Garlic Festival. Among their garlic-related activities are research trials (over 200 cultivars have been trialed to date), an annual garlic grower’s field day, and garlic consultations and workshops for new growers. To encourage garlic growing of garlic in Canada, Paul & Mary Lou also publish The Garlic News, providing garlic information as well as a growers’ networking forum. ($20.00 per year, available by mail or electronic copy)
Products may be purchased at the farm gate or by mail order. Seed garlic of successful strains from the trials is available for sale to home and market gardeners.

seed & table garlic in season, tomato seedlings in the spring

Beckwith Gardens's picture
85 Beckwith Street, Perth Ontario

Located on 3/4 acres in the middle of town, Beckwith Gardens is Perth's first backyard market garden.  Andrew and Linda Gehrke, a brother and sister team and market gardeners since 2005, relocated from 'the country' to town in 2009 in an effort to minimize their dependency on fossil fuels and reduce their footprint on the Earth.  Their products are sold less than a kilometer down the street at the Perth Farmers' Market, as well as through CSA with pick-up at their house. 
Beckwith Gardens offers a full range of non-certified organic seasonal vegetables, including heritage tomatoes, salad mixes, Swiss chard, kale, garlic, beans, peas, brassicas, herbs, root crops, associated sprouts and more.  As well, Linda's delicious baked goods are not to be missed!

Blairich Farm's picture
Stephen McRae
921 Brooke Valley Road

After his family purchased an old farm stead as a cottage property Stephen McRae decided to leave University and follow a childhood dream and see what country life would be like for two weeks.  Seventeen years later he is still on that adventure.  With both parents from New Zealand and the land around more suitable to grazing, there may have been little choice of what to farm.  Stephen, who prides himself on being able to restore his 100-acre property and again breathe life into its agricultural heritage,  has concentrated his efforts on growing his flock of now 200 ewes (including Rideau and Rideau-Dorset crosses). The lambs are pasture-raised during the summer on 200 acres of borrowed land and fed with hay and local grain during the winter. 
Stephen’s goal is to leave the land better then when he found it.  Through grazing practices, spreading manure, and working the soil he hopes to build the land back to a rich ecosystem that can sustainably support agriculture in the future.
He is a member of the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) and welcomes members of the public to contact him if they are interested in learning more about sheep farming.
For freezer orders of whole lambs, please contact Stephen directly.

Naturally raised, whole lambs as freezer order.

Blue Chicory's picture
Kristine Swaren and Malcolm Williams
694 Iron Mine Road, between Lanark and McDonalds Corners

In a beautiful valley in Lanark Highlands. Malcolm's bees produce golden honey from native wildflowers, trees and the garden plants. Malcolm also hand-crafts hammocks (Blue Chicory Hammocks - see our website). Kristine is the gardener - she trained with a herbalist and a biodynamic farmer, and volunteers with Canadian Organic Growers and Seeds of Diversity.

Blue Chicory Garden's organically-raised products are available at the farm gate, Perth Farmers Market and special order. We are committed to being local farmers to our neighbours and nearby communities.


Honey, beeswax (candles and bulk), garlic, salad greens.

Bluegrass Farm's picture
Leela Ramachandran
714 Kinch Street, Jasper
Jasper (15 min from Smiths Falls or Merrickville)

We are a new vegetable farm operation located in Jasper, midway between Smiths Falls and Merrickville. We grow a diversity of vegetables in 3 acres of field crops and in an innovative system of heated greenhouses. This allows us to extend our season into the winter months.
Our goal is to help increase the supply of local, high-quality organic produce in Lanark County and Ottawa, particularly during the off-season. Our farm is in the process of organic certification and we adhere to the Canadian organic standards.
We sell our produce through a unique Winter Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. CSA is a model where customers buy a share of a farm's produce up front, then receive a regular basket of food over the farm's harvest season. Bluegrass Farm offers one of the first winter CSA programs in Lanark County, delivering baskets to customers every two weeks from mid-October to mid-March. Each basket is a mix of carefully stored crops from our fall harvest, and freshly harvested greenhouse produce. We offer CSA pick-ups at our farm, in Perth and in Ottawa. Our 2015-2016 Winter CSA shares are now on sale through our website.
We also sell to restaurants and wholesale buyers.
For more information or to sign up for our CSA, please visit our website:


We grow a mix of field crops and greenhouse produce. Our produce varies with the season.

Our field crops this year include:

  • Garlic
  • Onions and Shallots
  • Leeks
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Parsnip
  • Potatoes
  • Winter squash
  • Brassicas: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip, rutabaga, kohlrabi

Our greenhouse crops include:

  • Spinach
  • Lettuce - leaf and head
  • Arugula
  • Mustard greens
  • Mild Asian greens (tat soi, mizuna, etc)
  • Mesclun (mixed salad)
  • Kale
  • Chard
  • Herbs
  • Bok Choy
  • Hakurei turnips
  • Radishes
  • Green Onions


Bowness Family Farm's picture
Jackie and Dan Bowness
613-200-6209 or 613-390-0046
2610 Scotch Line, Perth ON

Located in a lovingly restored 110 year old log barn, nestled on our family farm is Bowness' Farm to Table. Bowness' offers a variety of local and naturally grown products in our on farm market. Our store supports sustainable local family farms and businesses. We offer a variety of products such as pasture raised meats and eggs, produce, home baking, preserves, gourmet tea, locally roasted coffee, kombucha, and handmade gifts and art. Our offerings will be changing with the seasons so stop by and see what's new! We look forward to meeting you soon, Jackie and Dan

Hours of Operation:
Current hours are Wednesday and Thursday 10am-6pm. Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm

Variety of local and naturally grown products.

C'est La Vie Farm's picture
Nathalie and Brent
4755 Tatlock Road, Clayton

C'est La Vie Farm is a small family run farm located in the picturesque Lanark Highlands, 45 minutes from Ottawa.  We grow organic heirloom vegetables, salad mix, greens and fresh herbs.  We are happy to offer home delivered CSA shares which also include bouquets of our beautiful sunflowers.  In 2012 Brent and Nathalie visited this farm and it was love at first sight.  With two ponds on 50 acres, open fields, apple orchards, forested land, a charming old farmhouse and two log barns, it was exactly what they had always dreamt of.  That summer they started a small family vegetable garden and continued to develop the soil using gentle organic farming principles and loads of organic mushroom compost.  We truly believe that the best tasting and most nutrient dense vegetables come from healthy, well balanced soils, so in 2015 we decided to join the Manotick Farmers Market to start sharing our organically grown produce with others. Based on the feedback we received and how much it meant to us to see others enjoying fresh, local produce, it seemed only natural to start our CSA program.  If you have ever thought that you might like to try going local then we invite you to give us a call, check out our website or join us on Facebook.   We look forward to hearing from you!

From arugula to zucchini we grow a wide variety of organic heirloom vegetables as well as sunflowers, fresh herbs and salad mix

Canmany Acres's picture
Lloyd Strachan
154 Douglas Sideroad, 1 km north of Hwy 7
Ashton/Carleton Place

Our products are grown without synthetic fertilizer, pesticides or other such artificial products but are not certified organic.

Garlic.  We grow a wide variety of limited quantities of garlic selections including Music, Red Russian, Spanish Roja, Korean Purple, Siberian and Czeck Broadleaf. We sell garlic braids, socks and pickled scapes – no bulk sales. Call ahead to pick up at the farm during August-October.

Christmas trees. Are you interested in having a tree that looks like a real tree and that has the aroma of a freshly cut tree this Christmas? We offer locally adapted, fragrant Ottawa Valley White Spruce trees grown without any synthetic fertilizers or sprays. We do not prune our trees severely, which leaves them with a natural look. You pick the tree and we cut it for you – it can’t be fresher than that!  Call ahead and plan your visit starting December 15.

We plant two trees for every one we sell to keep our commitment to the environment. 

A wide variety of garlic, garlic braids, socks, pickled scapes - no bulk sales.
Ottawa Valley White Spruce

Cedar View Dorpers's picture
Jeff and Karen Wright
5615 Hwy 43 Perth 6 km from Perth and 13 km from Smiths Falls

Cedar View Dorpers is owned by Jeff and Karen Wright and their three children Natasha, Katrina, and Jarrett.  Since 1998, the Wrights have raised Dorpers, a hair sheep with thickly muscled hind quarters and long loins. Dorpers are renowned for their mild and tender meat.
Currently the flock consists of 100 ewes, full blood and percentage.The sheep graze on about 60 acres of the 180 acre farm. The Wrights produce their own hay and purchase grain from neighbouring farmers.
In addition to running the farm, Jeff and Karen both work other fulltime jobs and participate in the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency's sheep health program.  Half of lamb production is sold as breeding stock to other producers and half are sold for meat at local sales barn or through direct lamb sales at the farm.  All lamb is processed at Rideau Meats in Smtihs Falls.
Lamb is available by individual cuts such as leg roasts, loin chops, racks, sausage, shanks, ground and premade lamb burgers.

Lamb cuts, leg roasts, loin chops, racks, sausage, shanks, ground and lamb burgers.

Dancing Dog Farm's picture
Michael and Noelle Reeve
790 Bathurst 5th Concession, Perth, ON K7H 3C9

Michael and Noelle began raising Katahdin sheep in 2009 with their Great Pyrenees livestock protection dogs on their 50 acre farm in Tay Valley Township just west of Perth.  Chickens and geese soon followed. All the animals are raised using non-certified organic methods including pasture rotation.  Michael has worked hard to improve the quality of pasture using green manures and manure from the animals.  We recognize that the quality of what we feed our animals determines their health.

Sales are from the farm gate or through referrals from the Two Rivers Food Hub.  Please call or email to make sure we aren't in a back field and miss your visit.

See what is happening on the farm on our Facebook page - Dancing Dog Farm.

Generally available: non-certified organic lamb.  Seasonally available: chicken, geese, and eggs.

Diamond Brook's picture
Brent Fetterly and Janice Tulloch
613 298-0191
1251 Prestonvale Rd Lanark
Between Balderson & Ferguson Falls

Diamondbrook Farm is located at Prestonvale, between Ferguson’s Falls and Balderson.
A part of the farm is dedicated to grain crops, but we specialize in apples, sweet corn and a variety of squash. Our orchard produces Marshall Macs, Ida Red and Honey Crisp apples. Apples and popcorn are available at our booth at the Carleton Place Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

Apples , squash and popcorn are available at the farm .

Dunbrae Farms's picture
Bruce and Janet Duncan
613 256-2933
RR #3 – 4900 Appleton Sideroad, Almonte, On.

Bruce and Janet Duncan have been using organic methods since 1980 and have been certified organic since 1996. Their organically-raised, grass-fed animals include 100 head of heritage Red Poll cattle. Call to order beef by any cut. Certified organic eggs are available daily on a first-come, first served basis.

certified organic and organically raised beef and eggs

Eliden Farm's picture
Liz Dickie and Denis Gagnon
613 519-6862
13351 Co. Rd. 15, RR2, Merrickville (7 km south of Merrickville)

Producing local food since 1993 for sale at Farmers' Markets, we are now selling from the farm gate as well as offering CSA baskets .  Open Saturday mornings, we offer many organically grown vegetables and garlic; as well as organic free range chicken eggs, organically fed pork, chicken , veal and grass fed Dexter beef!
Come and see us any Saturday morning, from May until October or call to arrange your CSA basket, 1/2 and full shares available.
Call us for a visit any time!
See you at the farm!”  Liz and Denis

vegetables, CSA baskets, free-range eggs, pork, chicken, veal, and grass-fed Dexter beef

Elm Tree Farm's picture
Tom Waller and Allaine Nordin
613 335-3361
1090 Hayes Road (off West Gate Road), RR4 Arden Ontario K0H 1B0

In 1995, when Tom Waller and Allaine Nordin first saw the bottom land and south-facing slopes of Elm Tree Farm (under the March snow), they knew they had found their new home. Gardening began that spring, and today, seven different gardens follow the contours of the soil, each with its own distinct character.
“Home-style organic produce” is the way Tom and Allaine describe the wide variety of vegetables they produce. Tom and Allaine grow their vegetables using Demeter Biodynamic Certified protocols. They work hard to achieve vibrant, living soil that is rich in minerals. These efforts are clearly evident. “The more nutritious the soil, the more flavour the food has,” say Tom and Allaine.
They offer a CSA (basket drop-offs in Sharbot Lake and Ottawa), restaurant deliveries; this is their third season supplying Beckta in Ottawa, and new this year, a farm store serving the local community. Elm Tree Farm is Demeter certified and a CRAFT host farm.
Members of: the Ontario Society for Biodynamic Farming and Gardening, Canadian Organic Growers, Savour Ottawa, Organic Council of Ontario, and the National Farmers Union. Tom is also a board member of Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario.


Elmark Farms's picture
Dan Ribbink
5968 County Road 43

Elmark Farms is a 4th generation 230-acre family farm. It began as a conventional 40 cow dairy farm and now produces pastured poultry (chickens and turkeys) as well as pork, lamb, beef, and eggs. The rotational grazing system also includes custom grazing of cattle and horses from other farms.
Dan is passionate about intensive grazing and its benefits. Intensive grazing is a method of rotational pasturing that has a high animal-to-acreage ratio. When managed properly, the animals are moved every 12 to 24 hours to a new plot so as not to be detrimental to either the land or the animals. In addition, since most worms are species-specific (i.e. horse worms have no impact on cattle), by grazing different animals over the same ground, less harmful worms are ingested. Organic matter in the soil also increases which translates into increased water holding capacity. This is especially important in Elmark Farms' shallow soils. And finally, this method of husbandry allows the animals to be in their natural habitat while being protected from predators. As a result, Dan finds that the land is able to give the same production value without the inputs he used to need, and the nutrients stay—or increase--in the soil.
Modeling his methods after those of Joel Salatin, a pioneer in grass based farming and people friendly food, Dan believes strongly that in allowing animals to behave in the way nature intended produces healthier, more contented animals. For example, chickens love to scratch in the dirt to find bugs, horses like to continuously graze, and cows find comfort in lying down in a grassy pasture.
In the end, rotational grazing produces a better product and the animals, environment, and families benefit.

grass-fed chicken and turkeys, pork and eggs. Order meat at the beginning of the season (March - April). Custom grazing, Gallagher electric fence supplies, riding lessons and boarding.

Elphin Gold Organics's picture
Pat Furlong and Laurie Brownlee
613 278-2868
County Road 12, Elphin

At Elphin Gold Organic Farm, Laurie and Pat Brownlee are committed to healthy food and healthy values. They have been using organic methods since 1994 and are one of the founding vendors at the new Sharbot Lake Farmers' Market. They also sell from the farm and hope to establish a farm store in the near future.

beef, pork, eggs, preserves, maple syrup, and vegetables in season, as well as hay, straw, and firewood

Ferme Ouellette Farm's picture
Caroline and Patrick Ouellette
4248 Wolf Grove Road in Middleville, Ontario (Lanark Highlands)

Ferme Ouellete has a long history. First established in 1852 by the Mather family, Patrick and Caroline Ouellette purchased the Century Farm in 2002, and immediately began setting down roots.
Patrick and Caroline believe strongly that traditional farming is the best way to do business – best for humans, best for animals, and best for the environment. Caroline, who comes from a long line of farmers, credits her mother and grandmother with instilling in her a deep understanding and respect for nature that is reflected in everything she does.  Patrick’s niche is his horses. He readily admits he would rather work with his team than on his tractor and says he finds peace and quiet in the sound of their breathing. Patrick’s respect and fondness for his horses can work magic and the horses always respond and reciprocate.
The love and dedication Caroline and Patrick put in everything they do is evident to anyone who visits Ferme Ouellette Farm. Farmgate sales by appointment.

Pasture-raised beef cuts (frozen, sold individually).

Ffyniant Ffarm's picture
Tina Frayne and David Gunthorpe
419 Althorpe Road, about 10 minutes west of Perth


At Ffyniant Ffarm, we pride ourselves in raising animals the all natural way.  Since 2004, we have been building our flock of sheep consisting mainly of pure Romney and Romney crosses.  This dual purpose breed provides us with lean lamb and thick wool perfect for hand-spinning.  Our animals are always treated with respect and given the best care, resulting in premium quality lamb with a wonderfully delicious flavour.
Our signature items include gourmet lamb burgers prepared in four exciting varieties, and jumbo lamb sausages in many delicious flavours.  All of our products are made with fresh local ingredients and contain no preservatives or additives.  Perfect for a special summer BBQ!
Whole lamb is cut and wrapped by a local abbattoir to your specification, and available for pick up at the farm. Orders are pre-booked anytime and will be ready September through December.  Whole lamb freezer packages are also available, each package contains one whole lamb cut to our specification, ready for your freezer.
Freezer lamb and free-range eggs are available year round at our farm gate.  Visit our website for more details.

Naturally raised lamb available year round as freezer cuts, sausages, and gourmet lamb burgers.  Whole lamb cut to order available September - December.  Raw wool, lambskins, and farm fresh eggs.

Flowers By Sylvia's picture
Sylvia van Oort
2172 Upper 4th Concession, Bathurst

Sylvia van Oort has been growing cut flowers, herbs, perennials, and bedding plants for the last 15 years on her farm, just west of Perth. Every spring she plants over an acre of flowers for both fresh use and for drying. Sylvia's flowers are famous for their uniqueness as well as their long vase life. New flowers come into bloom every week from May through to September. There is always something in bloom to suit everyone's taste. Call for special "picked to order" bouquets and arrangements for your next party, special event, or table.

bedding plants, herbs and exquisitely unique cut flowers

Fortune Farms's picture
Ray or Ruth Fortune
2442 Wolf Grove Road, 12 km west of Almonte

Fortune Farms is a modern maple syrup operation located near Almonte and only 50km from Kanata. Visitors are welcome to visit the operation and walk our self guided trails. The Kettle Boys entertain visitors at the boiling kettles and the Shanty Men explain the art and science of syrup making with a traditional wood fired evaporator.At the main sugar camp we use reverse osmosis and a high efficiency evaporator to make our high quality maple syrup. Our trails wander through our diverse old growth forest with fourteen species of trees including of course sugar maple. We are open daily during the season and off season by appointment.
We feature:
• All grades of maple syrup
• Maple butter and maple sugar
• Maple fudge and
• Maple tarts.
Products are available at the farm gate and by shipment worldwide.

Fultons Maple Syrup's picture
Shirley Fulton-Deugo
291, 6th Concession Rd., RR#1, Pakenham, K0A 2X0

Fulton’s is a 4th & 5th generation family farm producing maple syrup and related products on 370 acres with 4,000 taps. During the spring season Fulton's  is open from the 3rd weekend of February to the 3rd weekend of April, seven days a week 9 am - 4 pm. They offer horse-drawn rides, maple taffy, face painting, trail games, walking trails, and a playground, as well as opportunities to learn about maple syrup and to participate in special events. During this time the restaurant is open daily 9 am -4 pm serving pancakes, sausages, beans and maple yummies. The Maple Shoppe is also open daily 9 am - 4 pm from the 3rd weekend of February to the 3rd weekend of April. From May through February the Maple Shoppe is open every Tues. & Thurs. 10 am - 3 pm, by chance or by appointment.  The Maple Shoppe features maple gourmet products, Maple Luscious Bath & Body Care line and pure Canadian maple syrup, shipping is available year round. Teambuilding, corporate retreats and bus tours are welcome. Fulton’s is where customers leave as friends. Join Fulton's on facebook and stay connected.

Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Maple Mustard, Maple Spices, Maple Jams, Maple Fruit Syrups, Maple BBQ Sauce, Maple Salsa, Maple Mocha Mix, Maple Chai Tea, Maple Milk Bath, Maple Lip Balm, Maple Body Lotion, Maple Sugar Scrub, Maple Shea Butter and Maple Body Butter.

Funny Duck Farms's picture
Aaron and Samantha Klinck
963 Morrison Road, R.R. #3 Jasper
Eastons Corners/Jasper

Welcome to Funny Duck Farms! We are a small, diverse, certified organic farm that does not use any soybeans in our animal feeds. We are striving to create a sustainable system wherein we produce all our livestock feeds on farm, and traditionally grain fed animals (like pigs and chickens) are converted to forage eating instead. Out in our pastures and woodlands are where you will find our laying hens, ducks, broilers and heritage pigs, beef & dairy cows. Pasture raised animals provide excellent, nutritious food for people without harming the land, the environment, or resorting to the use of chemicals and medications. All of our certified organic feed rations used to supplement our animals are free of soybeans. We are pleased to be Canada's only year round certified organic Whole Farm CSA. Our CSA runs 50 weeks of the year. Shares include a bit of everything grown on the farm: certified organic beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb, all you can eat eggs, honey, maple syrup, veggies, some fruits, and herbs both culinary and medicinal. We have limited spaces for the 2016 season, please contact us if you would like to be on our waiting list.

Funny Duck Farms is a family owned and operated 224 acre farm Certified Organic by ProCert-Organic Systems.

Our farm fresh foods are available through our Whole Farm CSA only. We also offer an Organic & Natural Food Co-op buying club. Farm tours can be arranged if you would like to learn more about how the sun is connected to the grass and soil, which are connected to the cows, chickens, and pigs, which are connected to the gardens, which are all connected to our health. Any fresher, and you’d have to slap us!

Glorious Greens's picture
Gerrie Baker
613-273-7595 or toll free at 1-888-299-6266
874 Grady Road

Gerrie's Glorious Greens produces year round winter greens and seasonal organic market produce on Foley Mountain 20 minutes south of Perth near Westport. Gerrie attributes the delicious and nutritious value of the food to the clear air, pristine water and wonderful soil produced by the many harworking earthworms from The Worm Factory that she states are the 'foundation of the farm'. The market gardens are on raised beds on rock that are richly supplemented with castings and are improving each year. Glorious Greens offers a local CSA, farm gate sales and can be found at the Westport Farmers' Market from May 22-October 16th. Contac Gerrie or her daughter Julia at 613-273-7595 for further information.

The Worm Factory
Dedlicated to delivering organic waste solutions through education and demonstrations of worm composting habitats indoors and outside. Focused on converting garbage to gardens and encouraging people to grow their own healthy nutritious food and beautiful edible flowers.
874 Grady Road, Foley Mountain
Westport, Ontario
K0G 1X0

heirloom vegetables, gourmet greens, garlic, herbs and flowers

Greenwood Organics's picture
Jeff and Joanne Greenberg
894 Brooke Valley Road

Greenwood Organics is situated on 56 acres of rolling hills in Tay Valley Township.

Goats: We raise a herd of Saanen dairy goats and will, from time to time, have does, milking does, kids and goat meat for sale. This year's kids will be born in April. If you are interested in a milking doe, buckling or other goat, please contact us.

Eggs: Our chickens are allowed to roam freely during the day, returning to the safety of the indoors at night. The grass and insects they find result in nutritious, delicious eggs. Feed is strictly certified organic, ensuring that no GMOs or pesticides are included in their diet. Multicoloured, beautiful and nutritious eggs are available at the farm gate for $6 a dozen. Please call ahead for availability.


Each week, beginning in May, we harvest vegetables for the Perth Farmers' Market and have these available for sale at our farm gate store on Friday afternoons. Stop by or phone ahead to check on what might be available each week.

Organic certification: We are certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems under their Local Organic Program.

Greenwood Organics is a member of Seeds of Diversity Canada, Canadian Organic Growers, Ecological Farmers of Ontario and the National Farmers' Union- Ontario.


Certified Organic vegetables (seasonally)

Goats- Saanen dairy goats

Goat meat (seasonally)


Heritage Harvest's picture
Angela Peladeau
RR#2 Jasper
Smiths Falls/Merrickville/Brockville/Kemptville

Year Round Full Diet CSA
Organic, Fresh and Local

Are you looking for tasty local organic produce, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, bread and maple syrup? We offer you all of this in our weekly farm share basket program. We know that you need to eat year round, and so we have designed a program that meets those needs. Sign up now to become a CSA partner, and get our weekly basket of local goodness all year round! We are full for the 2013 CSA season! However now is the time to sign up for the 2014 season.

Our farm is recognized as being the only year Round Full Diet CSA in Ontario. 

Heritage Harvest Farm is located on 36 acres near Merrickville, Ontario. Our goal is to create a CSA model farm that provides a full and interesting diet. We have designed our farm around our desire to pasture raise animals the way nature intended. All of our animals are pasture raised and all are raised in a loving stress free environment. We are an Organic farm and are able to provide our own compost and all of our own hay. Any grains needed are purchased from Homestead Organics. On our farm we supply all of our own dairy, pork, beef, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegtables and maple syrup.

Vegetarian/vegan options available

Delivery Areas: We are opening a drop off location in Perth for the 2014 season. We do require a minimun number of people to make this happen. Please let us know if you are interested.

This little clip will give you a great visual as to what you can expect a basket to look like:

Heritage Harvest Farms is offering a Year Round Full Diet CSA to local families. This will give our customers the opportunity to be able to enjoy the same Organic fresh food we do year round. 

We provide weekly baskets(12 months a year)  filled with fresh produce, homemade bread, eggs, pork, beef and chicken and more. For full details please visit our web site.



Fresh Produce, Preserves, Organic Pasture Pork, Organic Free Range Chickens, Organic Pastured Turkey, Organic Brown Eggs, Organic Grass Fed Beef, Fresh Baked Artisan Bread

Heritage Haven's picture
872 Galbraith Rd, Clayton, Located between the villages of Clayton and Middleville

Heritage Haven Farm is a small family run 97 acre farm dedicated to feeding their family off their land.  Enjoying the moments when they sit down for a meal and knowing exactly where the food came from, how it was grown, what the animals ate and how they lived.   It is a feeling which cannot be replaced.   The satisfaction of knowing you are doing the best you can for your family.  For the 2012 season, Heritage Haven is proud to offer the same satisfaction to other families through CSA shares.  Enjoy fresh vegetables, fresh brown eggs and pasture raised meat chickens which are all chemical free.  In 2013, we hope to introduce pork and beef to the CSA Shares.

In season vegetables, herbs, garlic, maple syrup and brown eggs.   Pasture raised meat chickens through advanced orders only.

Highland Gem Farm's picture
Erin Richan
100 Miltons Road
McDonalds Corners, ON

Highland Gem Farm is run by Erin Richan and Mac McCall-Glover, two young farmers reviving the ol' family farmstead in McDonalds Corners in addition to renting land at Elphin Gold Organic Farm. They specialize in high- quality pastured chicken, pork, eggs, and non-certified organic seasonal produce, focused on extending access to produce in the winter months. Highland Gem serves the local community through two Community Support Agriculture (CSA) programs: Protein CSA and Winter Vegetable CSA as well as the Perth Farmers' Markets.

Highland Gem Farm produces high-quality, traditionally-raised farm products, without the use of Genetically Modified Organisms, hormones, or non-emergency antibiotics, while maintaining land integrity using environmentally sensitive and soil generating farming practices.

Please contact with questions or inquiries!

Highland Gem Farm was established in 2017.

Farm Gate and Market: Seasonal Vegetables, Pork, Chicken, Eggs

Winter CSAs, November-March, depots in Ottawa, Perth, Lanark, McDonalds Corners, Sharbot Lake, November-March:

-Protein: 15lb box mixed meat cuts (pork, chicken, lamb) & eggs: $650 share price per season ($135/month); one pick-up/month.

-Winter Vegetables: a variety of fresh greens, roots, squash, onions, garlic, ferments & more; $500/share: bi-weekly pick-up. 

Highlands Honey's picture
Phil Laflamme
Old Kingston Road

Nestled in the rolling countryside of the Rideau Lakes area, Highlands Honey is a small beekeeping operation dedicated to the production of uniquely flavoured wildflower honey. Our bees forage on the abundant wildflowers in abandoned farm-fields as well as on the trees and shrubs in the surrounding forests and wetlands.
For those interested in starting out in beekeeping, Highlands Honey is also your local source of bees selected to survive and thrive in this region.

Liquid honey available year-round in jars, pails or in the comb

Hollyhock Grange's picture
Sarah Mackenzie and Eric Stewart
577 Kitley Line 1, Smiths Falls, On K7A 4S5
Smiths Falls

Eric and Sarah moved to their 100-acre farm near Smiths Falls in 2000 and put considerable work into restoring the fields and outbuildings that had been unused for decades as well as into creating a market garden plot, all using organic methods. They began selling produce at the Perth Farmers’ Market in 2001 and at the same time bought a small flock of sheep.
Though not certified, Eric and Sarah work diligently to maintain the quality of the soil through composting, mulching and organic pest control. Sheep manure is used to increase fertility in the soil and the waste from the garden goes back to the sheep. The farm is full of bees, frogs, snakes, worms, birds and butterflies that enjoy a pesticide-free environment. Farm volunteers work in exchange for learning about small-scale farming and sustainable agriculture.

lamb, vegetables (salad, greens, beans, snow peas, beets, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, cucumber and others), eggs

Indian Creek Orchard Gardens's picture
Scott Sigurdson
(613) 914-7444
919 Sugar Bush Road, Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0

Indian Creek Orchard Gardens is a small micro farm, intimate in scale. We are nestled on five acres along the shores of the Indian Creek, a small tributary of the Mississippi River bewteen Pakenham and Almonte. At Indian Creek Orchard Gardens we employ a hybrid of regenerative, agroforestry and organic farming principles. Our vegetables are sown between rows of fruit trees, bush fruits and aisles of grape vines.  We value what nature brings to the table and attempt to work with it, bringing our intervention to a minimum. We favour low tech, natural, cultural and biological practices over chemical and heavily mechanized ones. 
Our goal is to provide you with a satisfying stream of naturally grown, fruit and vegetables the entire growing season.  We invite you to take part, either as CSA farm share holder or by visiting us at  our farm stand on Wednesdays or Saturdays during the growing season.

Farm store open May 24 - Oct 31
Wednesday noon-8pm
Thursday noon-8pm
Friday noon-8pm
Saturday 2pm - 5pm

Arugula, Beans, Beets, Bok Choy, Brocolli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, Chard, Corn, Chilipoti Onions, Chinese Cabbage, Cucumbers (seedless, pickling and field varieties), Eggplant, Garlic, Greens, Herbs, Onions, Kohlrabi, Lettuce (6 varieties), Kale, Microgreens, Mizuna, Mustard Greens, Oignons, Peppers (6 varieties), Radish, Spinach, Summer Squash, Tomatoes (over 25 heirloom varieties), Turnips, Winter Squash, and Zucchini.

Microgreens and gourmet salad mixes



Jameshaven Farms's picture
Phyllis and Mark James
613 267-6495
524 Concession 5 Tay Valley, RR#7, Perth, ON K7H 3C9

James Haven Farms and Piggin’ Out are joint business ventures operated by Phyllis James and her son, Mark. Located outside of Perth, James Haven Farms is a former commercial pig farm that has evolved into an operation focused on local food production. Piggin’ Out is the name of the booth at the Perth Farmers’ Market—started by Mark and his brothers-- that the family has run since 1993.
The centerpiece of the booth is the barbecue where sausages, pork burgers and back bacon laden with homemade condiments are served up to hungry customers. Baked goods including pies, doughnuts, scones, breads, muffins and other delectable treats make this a must-stop spot for farmers’ market visitors. Frozen cuts of pork can also be purchased at the market or directly from the farm.
On the farm, Phyllis and Mark raise pastured turkeys and chickens. The birds are housed in huts and are moved daily. The feed comes from a local certified organic farm. In 2008, they introduced a mobile egg operation that provides free-range eggs for their farmers’ market booth.
James Haven Farms uses non-certified organic methods. Members of Canadian Organic Growers, Lanark County Slow Food, Lanark Organic Producers’ Guild, Perth Farmers’ Market.

Chickens, turkeys, free range eggs, baking, preserves (relishes, chili sauce, pickles, salsa) and assorted vegetables. Chickens and turkeys are available in season. Eggs and baking are available year round.

Jasper Apple Farm and Jasper Organics's picture
1629 County Road 16, Jasper

Founded in 1979 by Lorna and Bill Bayes, Jasper Apple Farm and Organics is managed by the proprietors'  daughter, Mary Bayes.  The 'pick-your-own' orchard — a portion of which is certified organic — boasts close to 1500 dwarf apple trees that produce a variety of delicious McIntosh, Cortland, Jersey Mac and Paula Red apples.  In additon, Mary grows a healthy selection of certified organic vegetables and fruits which she supplies to many local restaurants, and are available to the public at the farm store and bakery. A 'go-to' destination, Jasper Apple Farm offers workshops in apple growing and organic farming, as  well as providing horseback riding lessons for wannabe riders of all ages.
Please check the website,, to find out when produce will be available and the bakery open, and to get more information on events and activities on offer.
Generally available: Yukon Gold and Kennebec potatoes, sweet potatoes, vintage tomatoes, garlic varieties, beans, carrots, an array of seasonal greens, strawberries, raspberries, apples as well as baked goods.


Kilmarnock Orchard's picture
Isabelle Graveline
1182 Kilmarnock Rd, Jasper, K0G 1G0

“Our main goal is to have people come here for the experience and leave with great memories,” says Myriam Belot Edwards of her family-run operation. Kilmarnock Orchard is a great place for birthday parties, wedding showers, corporate picnics or just hanging out with family and friends. Tractor-drawn wagons transport visitors around the orchard during Pick-Your-Own season and picnic tables are provided for those who wish to bring along their own lunch. Visitors are also invited to book a fun, educational tour, experience cider pressing, taste the fruits of our labour with local chefs, enjoy a cup of cider with our Island Apples pies or a BBQ luncheon (weekends only). For more information check our website.
Kilmarnock Orchard is located on the beautiful little Island of Kilmarnock overlooking the Historic Rideau River, no passport required! They grow 25 varieties of apples along with fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden.
“Weather often poses a challenge and can put stress on our trees,” says Myriam, “but we strive to do more than just sell apples. We are blessed with a great staff and with the support of my family and believe strongly in local flavours. That is what you will find in our Apple Shoppe.”

apple pies, jams, jellies, honey, mustards, and freshly squeezed apple cider

Kitley Beef Farm's picture
Rudy Haveman
422 Kitley Line 3, Toledo, Ontario K0E 1Y0
Smiths Falls, Ontario

I sell grass finished beef and organic eggs (pastured in summer and fed organic greens in winter.)I use no petro chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, no hormones, no anti-biotics, no purchased seed, no grains for the cattle.I'm not really a farmer because I don't have any machinery (yet). I do give the cows free choice  kelp meal mixed with Redmond salt. Cattle are moved to fresh pasture up to 4 times a day. I am at at Main Farmers Farmers Market in Ottawa in the summer. Check their web site for location and dates.I also do my own little farmers market in the winter. Call or email me for details. Check my web site for complete I also have facebook page.  

Grass fed beef in bulk for fall delivery. Retail all year while supplies last. Organiic pastured eggs in summer fed organic greens in winter.

Knotty Bottoms Farm's picture
Lisa St Denis
698 Putnam Road

Lisa and her husband Rob have owned Knotty Bottoms Farm since 2009.  At first there was only 1 acre of cleared land for planting next to the house, the rest in various stages of brush.  Now, the couple are proud to have 50 acres of cleared land for both pasture and planting, as well as 70 acres of woods, part of which is now used for a small sugar bush operation and firewood.
Their growing practices are down to earth, using their diesel tractor and sweat to manage the weeds rather than using pesticides and herbicides, to produce a product they are proud to sell and use on their own table as well.  While they do most of the work themselves, their twin girls love to help pick up rocks from the field, not to mention sampling whatever they can pull off the plants.
This year their CSA is being expanded to 12 shares for farm fresh vegetables and they plan on expanding to a flock of 300 meat birds.  This year they are also proud to begin selling maple syrup at the farm gate!  In future years they hope to be able to offer grass fed lamb and beef, as well as pasture fed pork.  Knotty Bottoms Produce and Poultry can be purchased either by a CSA subscription or at the Farm Gate and Maple Syrup will be available this spring at the Farm Gate.

Pastured Poultry, Maple Syrup and Farm Fresh Produce (Arugula, Bush Beans, Beets, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Leek, Lettuce, Melons, Onions, Kale, Peas, Hot and Sweet Peppers, Sugar Pumpkin, Radish, Spinach, Summer Squash, Swiss Chard, Cherry and Slicing Tomatoes, Winter Squash, Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill)

Kricklewood Farm's picture
Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily
Kitley Line 8 Road

Kricklewood Farm is owned by Dale Horeczy and Brad Daily and had its beginnings in Atlanta Georgia with a backyard hen house, beehive and a goat cheese making workshop at a local goat farm.  It is now home to a small herd of Nubian goats and pot-bellied pigs, heritage chickens and Muscovy ducks on 90 acres southeast of Perth.

The latest addition to Kricklewood Farm is our own Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil  with the planting of 15 acres in 2012.   The high oleic oil is made from 100 % pure sunflower seed grown on our farm without  herbicides  or pesticides.  The seeds are processed with care in small batches using the traditional Cold Press method to preserve the unique flavour and freshness.  Pure, unrefined and additive free, it adds the delicious taste of sunflower to any dish.  It is available in 500 ml bottles at the farm gate and at several stores and markets in the area.

In addition to Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, we offer Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Fudge, Free Range Eggs, Seasonal Produce and cut flowers.

We also offer on farm tours and workshops where participants can learn how to milk a goat the old fashioned way and to make goat milk soap, fudge and cheese. 

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Fudge, Beeswax Candles, Eggs, Seasonal Produce, Fresh Herbs and Cut Flowers. Farm Inspired Cards and Art Prints

Lacelles Apiary's picture
Paul or Debbie Lacelle
Mississippi Mills
Carleton Place

Beginning the first of Spring and continuing through the Summer and Fall, our honey bees work to pollinate a variety of wild flowers on our 80 acre hobby  farm. Our honey comes to your table straight from the hive. Unlike a lot of processed honey, our honey is not heated or pressure filter strained, so you know you are getting all the antioxidents, enzymes and minerals in our unprocessed honey. Wild flower honey taste's great and is also great for allergies. Our honey is sold in a variety of different sizes. We do have comb and creamed honey during the summer months. Our farm also produces 100% hand made beeswax candles and a great Beeswax skin cream.

Liquid Honey (unpasturized), Raw Honey, Chunk Honey, Creamed Honey, Comb Honey.
100% Beeswax Candles
Beeswax Skin Cream

McKenzie Farm's picture
Glenn or Merydth
Drummond Concession 8A

With our young family in tow, we have taken on a lovely 93-acre farm on a fertile hillside roughly half way between Perth and Lanark, just east of Balderson.

Since the summer of 2013, we have sold eggs from hens provided certified organic feed (and free-ranged on grass and bugs in the growing season). This year we have a limited number of broiler chickens raised on pasture as well as grass-fed beef.

Our practices are consciously in line with those required by organic certifying bodies, although we have not certified to date due to the cost.

We are members of the Canadian Organic Growers and are registered with the National Farmers' Union.


non-certified organic beef, chickens and eggs; hopefully vegetables in the future

Milkhouse Farm and Dairy's picture
1112 Matheson Drive
Smiths Falls

Looking for a change in pace from city life, Cait and Kyle returned to the family farm to establish Milkhouse Farm & Dairy in 2010. The husband-and-wife team now produce raw sheeps' milk cheeses, grass-fed lamb, and all-natural wool products. They are in charge every step of the way: from sheep, to milk, to cheese, to market. Their growing flock of British Milk Sheep rotate through fresh pastures and lounge in the shade of tree-lined fields. The ewes are fed a small treat of local, certified organic grain in exchange for their creamy, nutritious milk. In the cheese kitchen, raw sheeps' milk cheeses are produced seasonally from May to October. Each wheel is handcrafted in small-batches and then carefully aged for a minimum of three months. Follow their blog at

Raw sheeps' milk cheeses, grass-fed lamb, all-natural wool products including yarns, scarves, duvets and pillows.

Miller's Bay Farm's picture
65 Rideau Ferry Road, Lombardy
Lombardy, Perth

Miller's Bay Farm roadside stand is a well-established landmark on the Rideau Ferry Road between Lombardy and Rideau Ferry. A fourth-generation family business, we are known and appreciated for the quality and freshness of our large variety of produce, as well as our excellent customer service.  Our season generally opens with crimson juicy sweet strawberries - either 'you pick' or pre-picked, and wraps up in November with handsome orange pumpkins.
Miller's Bay Farm is affiliated with the Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association and the Ontario Berry Growers Association.
Hours of operation: May through November, 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday.

Generally available: beans, beets, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cantaloupe, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, gourds, herbs, lettuce, leeks, onions, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkins, rhubarb, squash varieties, strawberries, sweet corn, watermelon,  zucchini.

Mississippi Berries's picture
Andrew and Julie Dawson
2430 Ferguson Falls Road
Lanark and Balderson

Mississippi Berries is a family owned strawberry farm specializing in pick your own and pre-picked berries. We are located at 2430 Ferguson Falls Road, just east of Hwy. 511.  Our fields are managed to provide a wonderful picking experience with ample straw in the rows to protect our large, juicy berries. We look forward to seeing you soon.

pick your own and pre-picked berries

Monarch Acres's picture
Mary Howard and Brad Harris
near the town of Lanark, 15 minutes from Perth, 45 minutes from Ottawa

We are a small farm near Perth, Ontario and we grow humanely raised livestock, specializing in pasture raised heritage pork.  Our pigs have a life of exploring the forests and fields, rooting for snacks, eating fresh grasses, and basking in the sun. They're rotated through the woods and ALWAYS have fresh ground to play with. Brad and I both love animals and so their health and happiness is our main motivation for farming. The outcome of this natural lifestyle is the best tasting meat with incredible nutrition gained from the sun, fresh air and lots of lush grasses (and fun!). We never use growth hormones or antibiotics. The pork is sold by the 1/2, 1/4 or sampler size share, as well as by the individual cut. We also grow pasture raised, free range turkeys with the same philosophy. They are ready for purchase at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can find us at the Perth Farmers Market or you can order from us directly. Delivery available.

pastured heritage pork (ground, roasts, ribs, sausage, bacon, pork chops etc), pastured free range turkey, eggs

Natural Lamb's picture
Deb & Keith Salisbury
1981 6th Line Beckwith

The best thing about raising lamb and sheep is the connection we make with our customers. It is great to hear what is going on in their lives and it is especially gratifying to get feedback on our lamb" declares the Natural Lamb team. Our lambs are raised by their mothers in open air and sunshine on lush, rotating pastures.
This lifestyle results in leaner, "heart healthy" meat that is popular with consumers. Their product was a prize winner at the 2007 Feast of Fields.
The Salisburys carefully manage their respective flocks so that Natural Lamb can provide customers with a year-round supply of meat. This includes prepared specialties such as samosas, lamb pie and shepherds pie which are available at Christmas and Easter.

Pasture Reared Lamb based on Organic Standards Fresh Primal Lamb Cut available at Carleton Place Farmers Markets - Summer Months Pasture Reared Chicken and Turkey

Parks Family Farm's picture
Sandy Parks
613 268 2526
4724 Bolingbroke Road, Maberly,

We are a diverse small family farm offering a variety of products to our loyal customers. In the summer we produce a wide variety of non certified garden vegetables with a higher concentration on garlic, both braided and loose, and sweet corn.
We truly enjoy our honeybees both for their incredible pollination capability and the exquisite honey they give us. We extract our honey twice per season giving us the opportunity to sell both spring and fall unpasteurized honey .
We have free range chickens giving us a rainbow of colours. Our customers enjoy seeing white, brown, pink, green and blue eggs in their carton and the fresh free range flavour of the eggs is incomparable!
In the spring we tap a limited number of Maple trees and have a quantity of maple syrup available as supplies last.
My pride and joy are our Boer Goats. Our farm raises both purebred and percentage Boers. The Boer is a hardy meat breed and are easy keepers. Ours only require a lean to for winter conditions and are healthy and friendly. We sell them as purebreds, registered if requested or commercial for meat or hobby. Spring kids arrive in early April and it is optimal to reserve one early . We currently are adding red and spotted genetics to our Boers for eye appeal.
Our firewood is usually preordered and is well seasoned mixed hardwood. Occasionally we have some available.
Everything we produce is the hard work of our own family. We are very happy with what we produce which makes the hard work involved so very worth it!   


Purebred and percentage Boer goats
Garlic : Braided for decoration, loose or seed garlic. Multiple varieties
Sweet corn
Seasonal vegetables ie tomatoes, beans, cucumbers etc
Honey: unpasteurized extracted for spring and fall honey
Free range eggs
Maple Syrup

Pazab Family Farm's picture
Preston and Agata Zaborowski
1162 Upper Dwyer Hill Road

Pazab Family Farm is a small but bountiful farm and gallery nestled peacefully in Corkery Forest amongst the cedar and pine trees. We grow vegetables and raise animals as our family has for over 150 years without the use of chemicals or medications. We plant only certified organic non-gmo and heirloom seeds and supplement our animal’s foraged diets with certified organic feed. We are proud members of Canadian Organic Growers and NFU.


We offer farm fresh eggs, forest pastured rare breed heritage pork, preserves, bulk canning tomatoes and pickles. We also offer garlic, onions, herbs, carrots, several varieties of beets, turnips, radish, cucumbers, hot and sweet peppers, unique summer and winter squash, pie and carving pumpkins, zucchini, purple potatoes.

Queen Beet Farm's picture
Coral Sproule
Christie Lake Road

When Coral Sproule returned to her family’s 98-acre farm in Lanark (just north-west of Perth), she brought with her 4 years of experience at Plan B Organic Farm, one of Canada’s largest CSA farms as well as several years as a member of an employee-owned cooperative in Toronto.
In 2012 Coral is moving her garden and animals down the road to Singing Nettle Farm. Singing Nettle farm is located just west of Perth on the Tay River, where owners Joanne and Josh tend their garden as well chickens and pigs. Though not certified, both Singing Nettle and Queen Beet Farms meet or exceed organic standards. Call us to arrange a farm visit!
Coral has a special interest in growing heirloom vegetables and this year, hopes to devote more time and space toward saving seed. She also hopes to grow on the success of previous years by returning to the Perth Farmer’s Market, selling at the farm-gate, and expanding her CSA while still finding time to milk the goats and care for the chickens.

depending on the time of year, Coral grows rhubarb, beets of all colours, greens of all kinds, brassicas, garlic, carrots, onions, taters, heirloom tomatoes, summer and winter squash, melons, fresh herbs, eggs

Quinta Vera's picture
Juan Lasnibat and Wendy Cymbal
898 Highway 511 on the hill at Armstrongs Corners

Conveniently located between Perth and Balderson, Quinta Vera is a mixed farm specializing in year-round beef and lamb sales. Drop by to visit the llamas and horses.

beef, lamb

Ravensfield's picture
Titia Posthuma
Old Brooke Road in the Brooke Valley

The story of Ravensfield begins with the European settlement of this area in the 1840s and 50s. The rocky Canadian Shield soil was forest-covered: white pine, oak, maple. For the immigrants trying to establish a farm, the mighty trees were a serious problem: they needed cleared land, and the easiest way they knew to deal with the forest was to set fire to it.
This style of agriculture has been practiced since antiquity. From a present day perspective, the ecological cost to the ecosystem is far too great to justify it. But settlers were desperate for food and unable to adapt quickly from the version of agriculture they had known in Europe. So the forest fires in Lanark County burned, some literally for years.
A forgiveness is needed here. As humans we are able to act quickly and have immense impact on ecosystems. Our brains, much as we think so highly of  them, seem less capable of foreseeing the consequences of our actions, and our hearts are not always large enough to care about the bigger picture, or the future, or other humans, present and future, or other species.
The settlers soon learned that the soil under the oaks was thin. Rock close to the surface, crops that grew well only for a few years and thereafter dwindled as the soil nutrients were used up. Yet the human imperative continued: a farm of 100 acres was expected to have 12 cows (plus offspring) if the farmer was to be respected in society.
Rain doesn’t come easily to this country, and grass doesn’t grow well. In harder years, cattle were set loose in the bush to find sustenance. Earth was compacted, tree roots damaged by their hooves, trees stripped of leaves and branches so they could not survive: this all led toward desertification. Before the land could recover from the burning of the forest, the dry decade of the 1930s came, and delivered another blow to this land. At this point, farming was in decline, people moved away, and the land had a chance to come back. But by the 1970s, another dry time, farmers who still had cows were busy renting pasturage on disused farms such as this one. Not only did they not have anything to lose by overgrazing the land, it also happened that the 1970s were another very dry decade
I bought this property in 1981. 200 acres in a long rectangle stretching from east to west. “Time was,” I was once told, “when you could see every part  of this place from anywhere you stood on it.” This is a testament as to how far desertification had come to Ravensfield: from a mature forest with trees towering over 100 feet, to land so barren you could see 200 acres  without anything to block your view.
I named the place Ravensfield. For some of the native peoples, Raven was the creator and also the trickster. He brought the gifts to the People: food, and a habitat rich in resources to make life easy. But if the people were not good stewards of those gifts, Raven, as trickster, would steal them away again. Raven reminds us that the land is never our own. We live with the land for a short time only, and our first responsibility  is tend it in such a way that we honor its integrity and safeguard it for the future.
I am fortunate to have the chance to do this.  The story of Ravensfield is a story of bioremediation; of bringing an ecosystem back to life.
By 1990, a small barn was built for animals, and a biodynamically run garden that eventually reached a size of 1 1/2 acres was started. A livelihood was assured. The animals were chosen for their contribution to soil redevelopment.  Pigs metabolize their food in such a way as to bring iron in the soil back into a living form, which can readily circulate through  the food chain. The life processes of chickens can work magic to produce a form of calcium which is very biologically active. Plants likewise were chosen to help conserve and enhance the soil; vegetables are labour intensive but ultimately easier on the soil, so they have come first. The garden was put onto the most run-down field and has reached a level of productivity and soil development that makes me smile.
Perhaps most importantly, the forest has regenerated. It has grown 30 years without significant cutting or trampling or overgrazing, and completely reversed the damage.reinstated the forest soil ecology. The upland portion of the property, which I left untouched for so long, can finally be developed into pasture areas, with significant fence-rows left to avoid earlier human errors.
The movement of water has also been  improved. In 2004-5, a very large dredging project was taken to re-dredge the creek channel as it runs through the east west axis of the farm. The water runs clear again, and 6 ponds have been added for water species. Gees, otter, ducks, etc are all in evidence, and we are assured a sufficient water supply without having to tap into deep well water. 35 acres of lowland fields are returning to a usable state. They represent the future for the farm, which at present cannot yet supply itself with hay and grain for the animals.
When people support this farm by buying produce and meat, this is what they are supporting. This is not a simple  ”business” trying to “make money”. It is an effort to find, and live, a new model of agricultural sustainability. It is a striving for respect for the natural world, and that respect carries over into a respect for the sacredness of food, with efforts to provide people with the most nutritious food, so they themselves will be inspired to live lives of extraordinary beauty.

Organic vegetables, wide range:
Kingston Market
Saturdays from May 1 to Nov 1
Tues. and Thurs. from Aug. 1 to Thanksgiving

CSA Weekly Vegetable Boxes:  
20 weeks of veggies from late June to end Oct.
Large shares-$500 per season, small shares $320.
Perth: Wednesday afternoons, delivered anywhere in Perth or on my route in to Perth
Kingston: Pickup at Kingston Market Sat. morn. before noon
We also sell some produce through Foodsmiths in Perth, Ont.

Organic  Tamworth Pork

Pork freezer orders:
1/2: custom cut to your specifications; appr. 100 lbs.
Variety packs: 20 lbs. and 50 lbs.

Sausage--farmer's and Hot Italian
Check availability for lard, rendered and not rendered

Purebred Tamworth weaner pigs.

Riverside Garden's picture
David and Inez McCreery
(613) 256-9699
4884 Hwy 29
Almonte and Pakenham

David and Inez McCreery have been operating Riverside Garden commercially for 8 years. They produce vegetables and raspberries on 3 acres of land using (non-certified) organic methods and sell their products at the Carp Farmers’ Market. Riverside Garden is located on the banks of the Mississippi River between Almonte and Packenham

asparagus, rhubarb, beans, peas, tomatoes, squash, carrots, beets, garlic, parsnips, potatoes, mesclun, several other vegetables, and raspberries.

rocknhorsefarm's picture
Saffire Farms's picture
(613) 256-3383
282 Bennies Corners Road
Seanic Farms's picture
Roy & Carole Robinson
437 Poonamalie Side Road
Smiths Falls, ON

We moved to Seanic Farms in 2003, in search of a more peaceful way of life, and began transitioning it into an environmentally friendly and conscientious operating farm.  The farm had not been operated for many years and required buildings/fencing to be repaired, and land to be cleared to create new pastures.  We researched a number of different types of livestock and settled on the gentle and hardy Highland cattle we had first seen in the United Kingdom.  In 2008, our first five heifers and bull arrived, and currently our herd consists of between 20-30 head.  Our desire for healthy and wholesome food and the enjoyment of gardening lead us to venturing into the world of market gardening in 2014.  Even though we are not "organic certified", we use the same "organic principles and practices,"  and following our first successful year we have expanded our garden to include more variety of fresh vegetables and delicious low fat, grass-fed beef for our customers.

We are excited to inform all our valued customers that beginning the spring of 2016, we will be offering our very own CSA weekly fresh vegetable basket for a 18 week session.  There are only 5 shares left and you can order a half or a full share.  We can also offer grass fed beef as part of your CSA package.  Pick up will be at the farm on Tuesday's and at the Perth Farmers Market Saturday mornings.  For further information contact Carole or Roy 613-283-3739 or by email

We have Farmgate Sales available all year.






Beef sales are by individual cuts, sample package 25 lbs., quarter, half or whole.

Please call 613-283-3739 or email for updated list of our variety of vegetables available.

Singing Nettle's picture
Joanna Kowalczyk and Josh Latour
613 267 5357
2445 Christie Lake Rd., Perth, ON.

Singing Nettle Farm is located 12 km west of Perth. Nestled on 70 acres backing onto the Tay River, the farm is operated by Josh Latour and Joanna Kowalczyk. They are in the process of building up their Christmas tree farm with 1000 trees planted anually. In addition to the trees Josh and Joanna raise 300 meat chickens in the growing season and will be incorporating pigs to the farm in 2012.

Joanna is a Niagara Parks trained horticulturist and a certified arborist. In addition to her love for trees she is a keen supporter of  small scale farming and believes in producing healthy food  for the local community through organinc methods.  Their farming methodology is  based on sustainable practices with permaculture and biodynamic elements in mind and where it all begins with healthy soil. They are members of the Canadian Organic Growers and the Lanark Organic Growers Guild.
They will be taking orders for organic chicken and pork in the spring. At the moment their products are available though farm gate only. Feel free to come visit the farm and see how it all comes together.



Starting in January 2012 Joanna will be offering her horticulture services which include garden maintenance with a focus on pruning of fruit trees, vines and small ornamentals. Please contact for details and look for workshop postings..

non certified organinc chicken and pork, preserves, sprouts available all year round.

Stony Brae Farm's picture
Diane Falvey and Greg Farrow
613 264-8015
111 Rutherford Side Road, North of the # 7 highway at 5th Concession Bathurst
(10 km West of ) Perth Ontario

Farm Fresh Vegetables, Preserves, Homebaking Offering in season, nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables.

  • Buy direct at our farm gate, or at the Perth Farmers' Market on Saturdays from Mother's Day weekend to Thanksgiving. 
  • Fruit jams, jellies and home baking as well as relishes, pickles and preserves are produced from vegetables and fruit from our own farm or sourced locally.
  • Conveniently located just off the Number 7 highway. 
  • Non-certified Organic
  • Members of Canadian Organic Growers, Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, Maberly Agricultural Society, National Farmers Union Perth and District Agricultural Society and Seeds of Diversity  

Non-certified organically grown produce and hay.
Shiitake Mushrooms
Fresh vegetables in season
Home made fruit jams, jellies, relishes, chutneys, pickles and preserves and home baking.

Swallowtail Farm's picture
Ali Gangnier Ross
613 264 0809
2191 Bathurst 5th Concession, Perth, ON

Swallowtail Farm is a family farm-based small business. 

Ali Gangnier Ross and Glenn Gangnier along with our children began our adventure at Swallowtail Farm on the Scotch Line near Perth almost 10 years ago.

Our home farm location has recently changed locations to 2191 Bathurst 5th Concession where we focus on growing great garlic.

For more than 10 years we have been committed to growing organic, award winning heirloom garlic, for planting (seed garlic) or culinary purposes (table or eating garlic). We also offer delicious garlic sauces, spreads, pestos and organic garlic powders and spice blends. We typically grow 10 varieties of hardneck and softneck garlic.

You'll find us at the farm, farmers market or a garlic festival near you. 

Find us on Facebook

Garlic Scapes,Seed Garlic, Garlic Braids, Table Garlic, Garlic Powders, Garlic Spice Blends, Garlic Sauces, Pestos, Garlic Spreads, Garlic Jellies,

Sweet Meadow Farm's picture
Maureen Bostock & Elizabeth Snyder
1807 Highway 511

Maureen & Elizabeth moved to eastern Ontario in 2002 and took up farming in Balderson. On this sweet meadow of clay/loam soil, we have had a magical experience of growing organic vegetables for the local market.  We retired our vegetable operation in 2016 and continue as a hobby farm, growing buckwheat to produce our own buckwheat flour and raspberries. Our 2017 buckwheat crop failed due to the wet weather. Stay tuned for future plans.

We planted raspberry canes last spring and will have a u-pick raspberry patch ready for picking in 2018. 

For up to date information on picking dates and prices, like our facebook page: 


UPick Raspberries


Teamwork CSA's picture
Hilary Moore
(613) 259-2177
325 Concession 6A

Maplelane Farm has been farmed organically for more than 40 years.  Though Non-Certified, we do farm in accordance with the standards for organic certification.  We, Nick and Hilary Moore, took over Maplelane Farm in 2009.   Hilary has been farming organically for 18 years, running Teamwork CSA for 13 years.  Nick is a furniture maker first, farmer second.  We make our living from the farm and the shop.  

We currently raise Tamworth and Birkshire/Tamworth cross pigs.  Our Tamworth pigs are all registered and breeding stock is avilable.  Our pigs are fed Certified Organic grain and are on pasture or fed our own hay, depending on the time of year.  We have pork available by the half or whole animal as well as by the piece. 

We also raise honey bees.  Hilary has been keeping bees for over a decade now, without the use of any chemical treatments.  We do not heat our honey, nor do we use heated tools, leaving the honey has raw as it gets.

And finally, we grow vegetables.

All of our products are available at the Almonte Farmer's Market or from our farm.  For more information please visit our website.


organic vegetables, organic pork, honey

Thompsontown Maple's picture
Ray Thompson/Wayne Thompson
780 Black Rock Lane

Thompsontown Maple Products is a 5,000 tap maple syrup operation located on a 400 acre farm in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. Just a short drive from the Nation's Capital and nestled in the natural beauty of Lanark County, our family owned and run operation offers you award winning maple syrup, sugar and butter. Discover the tranquil beauty of the maple forest while taking one of our self-guided walking tours along the shores of scenic Clayton Lake. Maple taffy is always a family favourite. Served on ice and rolled by hand, it is sure to satisfy that craving for a taste of spring. Pure Sweetness!!! 

maple syrup, beef, maple granola

Tiraislin Farm's picture
Rosemary Kralik
613 268-9999
113 Clarendon Rd. at the Kingston Line
Between Elphin & Maberly

Tiraislin Fold is a 722-acre farm in Lanark Highlands, 100km west of Ottawa, where Rosemary Kralik raises Tibetan Yak, Highland Cattle, Sheep, Goats & occasional Tamworth pork. Rosemary is an exponent of Freedom Food; all the animals are pasture raised, with free access to browse and forage.
The most important promise she makes to them is that they will have a happy, healthy life, and when their time comes, she accompanies each in comfort, calm, and quiet. Kralik is convinced that the meat from happy, strong animals makes a huge difference to one’s health. People often visit to experience the marvel of the animals’ presence and interactions.
Animals from Tiraislin Farm are free of parasites, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics and are raised on the best local forage. They are prepared by a local abattoir and cuts are wrapped in butcher’s paper.

Yak, Highland beef, lamb, goat, available in roasts, stew, chops, minced, sausages, salami, soup bones, tallow, wool yarn, pelts, hides, fleeces, paintings, sculpture & Portraits on commission .

Triple A Farm's picture
William and Heather Griffith
R.R.#4, 514 County Rd. 1, Smiths Falls, ON, K7A 4S5
Smiths Falls

William and Heather Griffith own and operate Triple A Farm. The farm has been operating since 1985 and for the past 14 years William and Heather have specialized in raising Emus. Triple A Farm distributes Emu & You skin care products including: emu oil, lotions, day and night facial creams, and bath soap. Emu meat, oil, and crafts are available at their Farm Store, at Carp Farmer's Market, and at selected retail stores.

emu meat, skin care products

Waratah Downs's picture
John Weatherhead/Anne Janssen
3444 Scotch Line (County Road 10), Perth ON K7H 3C5
Perth ON

After close to two decades of successful farming near Iroquois, Ontario, John Weatherhead severed roots and in the Spring of 2014 relocated to the Perth area. Waratah Downs Organic Farm is a diverse and abundant organic farm situated on 80 acres sandwiched between the Scotch and Upper Scotch Lines, minutes west of Perth. Ten acres of farmland are already in production with a large variety of market vegetables and the barns and pastures are home to cows, sheep, chickens and ducks.
Waratah Downs is certifed by ProCert.

Full complement of market vegetables, CSA shares. Farmgate sales by appointment. Waratah Downs can also be found at the Perth Farmers' Market, Main Farmers' Market at St. Paul's University and throughout the year at the Ottawa Farmers' Market at Landsdowne.

Welsh Hill Farm's picture
Michael & Vanessa White
Numogate/Welsh in Montague Township
Smiths Falls

Welsh Hill Farm's philosophy is to grow healthy and flavourful meats for our family and the local community.  Our 170 acre farm is located just outside Smiths Falls, Ontario and is under an hour to downtown Ottawa. Right now we are producing grass-fed beef and organic pastured eggs.  Pastured woodland pork and honey are some of the other products we hope to provide in the future. We use sustainable methods of farming that improve the land, keep our animals in optimum condition and do not result in a product that is too costly for the average consumer. Please visit to see what is new on the farm and to get more information.


Grass-fed Beef

Organic Pastured Eggs (non-certified)


Wild Parrot's picture
Sandra Salmins
R.R. # 2 Clayton, Ontario

“Fresh greens to dine for.” That’s how Sandra Salmins, owner of Wild Parrot Delectables, describes her products. Sandra, who holds a Master of Science degree in organic agriculture from McGill University’s Macdonald College, is passionate about sustainable, local, nutrient-rich food. Production practices at Wild Parrot Delectables include raised beds, soaker irrigation, and a special soil mix as well as the use of a greenhouse. Sandra does not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizer. Her lovingly produced “shoulder season” greens are available from March through early June and from late September until Christmas. Sandra has been a member of the Canadian Organic Growers since 1991.

cool-season salad and Asian greens

Windblest Farm's picture
Bryan, Janice and Simon Lever
613 259-5484
1821 Ferguson's Falls Road

Bryan and Janice have been raising sheep on their farm near Ferguson's Falls since 1997. They specialize in Leicesters; Border, Naturally Coloured and Blue Faced. Leicesters are dual-purpose sheep, producing mild, tender meat and lustrous wool. Freezer lamb, by whole or half, is available by order during the summer months. Exclusive wool products are sold throughout the year from the Silo Wool Shop, located on the farm.
Simon has a market garden on the farm.  Vegetables are naturally grown, with no chemical inputs.  Produce will be available at the farm starting in July, and along with wool and lamb, at the McDonalds Corners Farmers Market.

pasture raised lamb, wool products including blankets and sheepskins, naturally grown vegetables from spinach to squash