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Posted Title Produce available Description/Quantity/Price Supplier
7 years 26 weeks Natural Lamb (Organic)
Organic Fall Lamb- Freezer Order
Pasture Reared Organic Chicken Available in October
Cut & Wrap at $7.95 per lb - Organic Lamb Natural Lamb
7 years 27 weeks It's the Season for Sweet Corn! Sweet Corn : Candy King Variety $6.00 /dozen Saturdays at the Carleton Place Farmers Market Sundays at the 1251 Prestonvale Rd. Prestonvale 12pm. -3pm. Diamond Brook
7 years 30 weeks 2010 Garlic Harvest now available Garlic The 2010 garlic harvest is now available for sale. Varieties include Georgian Fire, German Red, Russian and French. Ask us about volume discounts Greenwood Organics
7 years 50 weeks Honey and honey products Honey- Raw, Unpasturized, Comb, Chunk and Creamed Liquid honey, beeswax candles and skin cream Lacelles Apiary
8 years 4 weeks Certified Organic Grassfed Red Poll Beef - beef by the piece!
$4.99/lb ground beef, marinating and slow cook items
$5.29/lb ground beef made into patties
$7.15/lb cuts from the hip
$7.78/lb sausage and pepperettes
$10.30/lb cuts from the loin and rib
$10.92/lb prime rib roast
beef by the piece, for 20 lbs and up contact for pricing Dunbrae Farms
8 years 12 weeks organically raised tamworth pork sides, 50 lb or 20 lb variety packs sides, approximately 100 lb carcuss weight, custom cut $5/lb, 50 lb and 20 lb variety packs $8/lb call 613-268-2248 Ravensfield
8 years 20 weeks organic pasture raised heritage pork Pork Engligh Large Black Pigs raised on Certifed Organic pasture, organic whey, apples and Certified Organic grain. Custom orders now being taken, chops, sausage, bacon, hams etc. $4.00/lb by the side or whole. Individual cuts availble also, please contact for pricing. Funny Duck Farms
8 years 20 weeks Grain fed Chicken Grain fed chicken sizes from 8 to 12 pounds Grain fed chickens $3.75 per pound Cedar View Dorpers