Flavour of Month Articles

The Flavour of the Month articles are written by Susie Osler and published in the Humm

Alpenblick Farm
Robert Oechsli and Petra Stevenson
8138 Golf Club Way
Ashton, ON
Email: alpenblickfarm@sympatico.ca

What They Sell: Farmgate sales of non-certified organic beef, lamb and goat by the pound/piece. Delivery possible for additional fee.

Where They Sell: Carleton Place Farmers Market (Saturdays 8-1, May-Oct), Stittsville Organic Farmers Market (Thursday afternoons 3-7pm, May – Oct.)
Ballygiblin’s Restaurant & Pub, Carleton Place and The Urban Element, Ottawa

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Blairich Farm
Sally and Stephen McRae
RR4 Perth, ON K7H 3C6
Email: smcrae72@hotmail.com

What they sell:
Lamb – whole animal freezer orders (or half if split with someone). $4.25/lb (hanging weight) plus abattoir and butchering fees. Order well ahead (orders will usually take at least a month)

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Pork of Yore
Gary MacDonell and Ida Vaillancourt
1632 Scotch Bush Rd.
RR2 Douglas, ON K0J 1S0
PH: 613.649.0076
Email: heritagepork@porkofyore.com
Website: www.porkofyore.com

What they Sell: Pasture-raised, chemical/hormone-free, heritage pork products. By the side/whole - $5/lb, individual cuts for the grill, smoked pork products and more (for prices and cuts see website for details)
Where: at the Carp Farmer’s Market (Special Christmas Market, December 4 & 5), through the Ottawa Valley Food Coop (www.ottawavalleyfood.org), farmgate sales by phone or email (contact info above), LK Catering (Bowmanville)

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Battle River Bison
Richard and Cheryl Allan
15593 Hwy 7, RR6 Perth, ON
613 326 0573
Website: www.battleriverbison.ca
Farm profile on Lanark Local Flavour Website

What They Have: Bison meat. Naturally raised, hormone-free, grass fed
Where To Find It: Carp Market: Saturdays 8am-1pm until end Oct. and a special Carp Christmas market: afternoon and evening of Fri. Dec. 4, and all day on Sat. Dec. 5. Also at Foodsmith’s in Perth, at the farm-gate by the piece, or custom order.

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Whiterock Garlic
Garry Kelsey
5706 Tatlock Rd. RR1
Clayton, ON K0A 1P0
Email: gkelsey@worldline.ca
Website: www.tatlockcentral.bravehost.com

What he sells: garlic scapes, garlic, seed garlic (call now to order)
Where he sells: Perth Farmers Market (August-Thanksgiving), farmgate, Foodsmiths (Perth)

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Patricia Hastings
RR3 Madoc, Ontario
PH: 613 473 3058
Email: cipm@coopermill.com

What They Sell:
Organic flours including spelt, Red Fife wheat, buckwheat, rye

Where They Sell: Wheatberry (Ottawa), Ottawa Organics, Natural Food Pantry Stores

Bakeries/Restaurants That Use Their Flours: Ballygibblins (Carleton Place), Panchancho (Kingston), Trillium Bakery (Ottawa), Art-is-in Breads (Ottawa), The Brickstreet Cafe (Toronto), Jamie Kennedy’s Future’s Bakery, Evelyn’s Crackers (Toronto), The Gilead Café (Toronto) to name a few.

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William Mooney Gardens
Alan and Brenda Abbey
1023 William Mooney Rd.
Carp, ON K0A 1L0
839–1349 (evenings)

What they Grow: About 30 varieties of tomatoes, 10 peppers, 10 squash, cucumber melons, tomatillos, purple potatoes, carrots, assorted greens, garlic, raspberries (including “Fall Gold”, which produces a second crop of gold raspberries in the fall), strawberries, elderberries, asparagus, perennials and shrubs
Almost all vegetables are open-pollinated heirloom/heritage varieties and organically grown.

Where They Sell:
The Red Apron (‘Sophisticated Comfort Food’), and the Experimental Market at Carleton University. Possibly also the Stittsville market this summer. Farm gate sales (call ahead)

In my interactions with growers around this area, I am beginning to recognize the signs of COGS (Compulsive Organic Grower’s Syndrome, not to be confused with COG — Canadian Organic Growers). A few moments into a conversation and the signs start showing. The individuals display a contagious enthusiasm about growing and eating healthy food, a plethora of farming/garden magazines in their home environment, a growing proportion of household (and mental) space that is occupied by garden-related activity/information, excitement over heritage seeds and the compulsion to share them freely, the stamina to come home from jobs to spend their spare time planning or tending a garden, a compulsion also to spread the Good Food News to neighbors and friends, and finally, an insatiable appetite to consider and learn about how things are inter-connected (food systems as they relate to climate change, local food production and local economies, soil health related to plant vitality…)

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Wild Parrot Delectables
Sandra Salmins
Clayton, ON

What she offers:
Weekly orders of lettuce, and Asian greens for restaurants and individuals (using organic principles). Two seasons: late March to early June; and late September to late December. Call to order.
Where: Restaurants in Ottawa. Individual sales by order.

Wild Parrot Delectables

It might seem unlikely to many that a Toronto inner-city kid should wind up in a rocky, swamp- and tree-covered corner of Lanark County. Take that another step further and ask them to believe she is growing food, and the eyebrows start rising. My previous assumptions about what farming is, who farmers are, and what a farm looks like have long fallen by the wayside due to the diversity (hooray) of approaches, personalities, backgrounds and ambitions that I have encountered while interviewing people for these farmer profiles. Still, arriving at Sandra Salmins’ home near Clayton, I was delighted to see yet another individual’s creative and personalized approach to the task of growing food.

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Drover’s Way
Sarah and Oliver Loten (and family)
1161 1st Con. Drummond, RR1 Perth, ON
<lotens@superaje.com> 264–0539

What they raise: Lamb and cash crops

In January — the dead of winter — when the air is still, cold, and thin, there is nothing that quite beats walking into a barn and being greeted by hundreds of ewes and their lambs — especially when they think they are about to be fed. Hundreds of ewes, and their lambs, demonstrating their orchestral talents by bleating continuously and simultaneously is, well… impressive! This was how my visit with the Lotens began.

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