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Margaret and Tony French
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2116 Old Brooke Road
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If you have ever considered keeping dairy goats for home use or are seeking a suitable starter herd for your hobby farm, Saanens may be the best choice for you.
Originally from the Saanen Valley in Switzerland, Saanens make ideal backyard goats because they have excellent temperaments, are easy for young people to handle and make good mothers. As one of the world’s largest dairy goat breeds, Saanens typically weigh 150lb or more, with bucks weighing over 200lbs. The white and cream-coloured breed is also valued for its generous milk production and for its ability to adapt to environmental changes.
At Amaranth Farm, homesteaders Tony and Margaret French are currently raising a herd of nine Saanens. Each day, the does produce between three and four litres of milk and after the kids are born (usually in March of each year), the couple uses themilk to make soft goat cheese (for own use).
Amaranth Farm typically has a few Saanen goat kids available for sale each year, and sometimes a yearling ready for breeding.  The goats are brought up on organic feed and grain.
Tony and Margaret welcome those interested in learning more about homesteading or goat herding (including milking and cheese making) to contact them for a visit to Amaranth Farm. The couple are members of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, Canadian Organic Growers, National Farmers Union and Maberly Fair.



Generally available: Young stock of Saanen dairy goats available in September (best to inquire several months in advance) and sometimes a yearling ready for breeding.  Amaranth Farm is careful that the goats go to good homes and recommend that at least two goats be kept together for company. Farm gate eggs also available.



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