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a local farm
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Jeff and Joanne Greenberg
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894 Brooke Valley Road
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Greenwood Organics is situated on 56 acres of rolling hills in Tay Valley Township.

Goats: We raise a herd of Saanen dairy goats and will, from time to time, have does, milking does, kids and goat meat for sale. This year's kids will be born in April. If you are interested in a milking doe, buckling or other goat, please contact us.

Eggs: Our chickens are allowed to roam freely during the day, returning to the safety of the indoors at night. The grass and insects they find result in nutritious, delicious eggs. Feed is strictly certified organic, ensuring that no GMOs or pesticides are included in their diet. Multicoloured, beautiful and nutritious eggs are available at the farm gate for $6 a dozen. Please call ahead for availability.


Each week, beginning in May, we harvest vegetables for the Perth Farmers' Market and have these available for sale at our farm gate store on Friday afternoons. Stop by or phone ahead to check on what might be available each week.

Organic certification: We are certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems under their Local Organic Program.

Greenwood Organics is a member of Seeds of Diversity Canada, Canadian Organic Growers, Ecological Farmers of Ontario and the National Farmers' Union- Ontario.



Certified Organic vegetables (seasonally)

Goats- Saanen dairy goats

Goat meat (seasonally)



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