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Stephen McRae
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921 Brooke Valley Road
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After his family purchased an old farm stead as a cottage property Stephen McRae decided to leave University and follow a childhood dream and see what country life would be like for two weeks.  Seventeen years later he is still on that adventure.  With both parents from New Zealand and the land around more suitable to grazing, there may have been little choice of what to farm.  Stephen, who prides himself on being able to restore his 100-acre property and again breathe life into its agricultural heritage,  has concentrated his efforts on growing his flock of now 200 ewes (including Rideau and Rideau-Dorset crosses). The lambs are pasture-raised during the summer on 200 acres of borrowed land and fed with hay and local grain during the winter. 
Stephen’s goal is to leave the land better then when he found it.  Through grazing practices, spreading manure, and working the soil he hopes to build the land back to a rich ecosystem that can sustainably support agriculture in the future.
He is a member of the Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency (OSMA) and welcomes members of the public to contact him if they are interested in learning more about sheep farming.
For freezer orders of whole lambs, please contact Stephen directly.


Naturally raised, whole lambs as freezer order.



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