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a local farm
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Deb & Keith Salisbury
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1981 6th Line Beckwith
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The best thing about raising lamb and sheep is the connection we make with our customers. It is great to hear what is going on in their lives and it is especially gratifying to get feedback on our lamb" declares the Natural Lamb team. Our lambs are raised by their mothers in open air and sunshine on lush, rotating pastures.
This lifestyle results in leaner, "heart healthy" meat that is popular with consumers. Their product was a prize winner at the 2007 Feast of Fields.
The Salisburys carefully manage their respective flocks so that Natural Lamb can provide customers with a year-round supply of meat. This includes prepared specialties such as samosas, lamb pie and shepherds pie which are available at Christmas and Easter.


Pasture Reared Lamb based on Organic Standards Fresh Primal Lamb Cut available at Carleton Place Farmers Markets - Summer Months Pasture Reared Chicken and Turkey


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