Farmgate Sales

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Farmgate sales

RS = interested inrestaurant and commercial sales
CSA = Community Shared Agriculture (pre-purchased weekly, seasonal vegetable program)

1.AGAPE GARDENS 170 Drummond Conc. 2A, DNE 613-552-2782 Gluten free crackers, kale chips, water kefir, seasonal produce, permaculture gardens Perth FM, RS

2.ALPENBLICK FARM 8138 Golf Club Way, Ashton 613-263-2640 Non-certified organic beef, goat, lamb & chicken, cheese, eggs & cow shares. Farm store. Check website for hours:

3.AMARANTH FARM 2116 Old Brooke Rd. Maberly 613-268-2102 Eggs, Saanen goats & kids available

4.ASHTON STATION GARLIC 1967 Ashton Station Rd. 613-257-4688 Non-certified organic, heirloom vegetables - from asparagus to zucchini. 15 + varieties of garlic.

5.BAKER’S FARM 109 Rosedale Rd. Smiths Falls 613-283-5033 Strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, beets potatoes, homemade jams & jellies

6.BATTLE RIVER BISON 15593 Hwy 7, east of Perth 613-326-0573 Bison meat freezer sales. Foodsmiths RS

7.BEAVER POND ESTATES 3656 Bolingbroke Rd. Maberly 613-273-5683. Garlic for seed or table. Garlic growing information

8.BECKWITH BERRIES 9960 Cavanagh Sideroad. Carleton Place 613-253-4171 PYO & pre-picked strawberries

9.BECKWITH GARDENS 85 Beckwith St. E. Perth 613-326-0465 Non-certified organic vegetables Perth FM

10.BLUE CHICORY GARDEN & WORKSHOP 694 Iron Mine Rd. Lanark Highlands 613-278-1226 Honey & vegetables. Perth FM

11.BLUEGRASS FARM 714 Kinch St. Jasper 613-275-2639 Non-certified organic vegetables, winter greens, fall/winter CSA, RS

12.BLUE HEN FARM 474 Bowland Rd. Clayton 613-434-2970 Humanely raised, free range, natural pastured eggs, pork, turkey, chicken

13.COUNTING SHEEP FAMILY FARM & AVIARY 1566 County Rd. 10 Perth 613-207-7467 Naturally fed beef, lamb, goat, pork, turkey, chicken, pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, duck. Eggs & goat products. CQF poultry supplies. Open by chance or appt.

14.COUTTS COUNTRY FLAVOURS FARM & STORE Rideau Ferry & Port Elmsley Rds. 613-267-0277 Local produce, meats incl. non-certified organic grass fed beef, frozen prepared foods, maple syrup, baked goods & preserves. Wed – Sun 10am-6pm.

15.DANCING DOG FARM 790 5th Conc. Bathurst 613-264-5405 Pasture raised, non-certified organic lamb, geese, chicken, eggs available at farm

16.DIAMOND BROOK FARM Prestonvale 613-259-5596 Apples, sweet corn & popcorn

17.DUNBRAE FARMS 4900 Appleton Side Rd. Almonte 613-256-2933 Certified organic, heritage grass fed Red Poll beef.

18.ELM TREE FARM 1090 Hayes Rd. Arden 613-335-3361 Biodynamically certified garden. Sharbot Lake FM, RS, CSA

19.ELPHIN GOLD ORGANICS –7316 McDonalds Corners Rd. Elphin 613-278-2868. Non-certified organic vegetables, poultry, beef, pork, eggs, maple syrup, hay. Sharbot Lake, Perth & McDonalds Crs. FM

20.FERME OUELLETTE FARM 4248 Wolf Grove Rd. 613-259-2188 Chemical-free, all natural pasture-raised beef, sold by cut.

21.FFYNIANT FFARM 419 Althorpe Rd. TVT 613-264-9995 Non-certified organic pasture lamb & eggs. Freezer cuts, specialty lamb burgers & sausages, raw wool

22.FUNNY DUCK FARMS R.R. #3 Jasper 613-275-1917 Certified organic, soybean-free pastured meats & eggs. Year-round Whole Farm CSA

23.GRACO FARM 3739 Drummond 2nd Conc. 613-464-2803 Eggs, meat chickens, Black Angus beef RS

24.GREENWOOD ORGANICS 894 Brooke Valley Rd. 613-264-2036 Certified organic garlic & seasonal vegetables. Organic pastured eggs available at farm gate. Saanen dairy goats available for sale.

25.HERITAGE HARVEST FARM 76 Crystal Rd. Jasper 613-702-4128 Non-certified organic poultry, pork, beef, eggs seasonal produce, preserves, bread. Year-round Full Diet CSA

26.HOLLYHOCK GRANGE 577 Kitley Line 1, Smiths Falls 613-284-0578 Non-certified organic vegetables, bedding plants, lamb & eggs Perth FM

27.HUDSON’S SWEET CORN & VEGETABLE STANDS 614-839-2346 mid July to mid Sept. Pakenham Bridge (11-6) Almonte Fitness Centre 500 Ottawa St. (10-6)

28.JACKALOPE FARM, 2708 Conc. 2 Drummond, 613-264-8838 Seasonal vegetables, plants and free range eggs. Open Friday and Saturday. Please call ahead.

29.JAMES HAVEN FARM 5th Conc. Bathurst 613-267-6495 Pre-ordered chicken & turkey, eggs, jam & baked goods incl. gluten free Perth FM

30.JASPER APPLE FARM 1629 County Rd. 16 613-283-8699 Apples & apple products, vegetables, herbs & cut flowers. Spring apple growing workshops

31.JOYNT FAMILY FARM 66 Rideau Ferry Rd. Lombardy 613-283-8698 Certified organic beef & lamb

32.KRICKLEWOOD FARM, 421 Kitley Line 8, Frankville 613-275-9901 Cold pressed sunflower oil, goats milk soap, eggs, raw honey, beeswax candles

33.LACELLE’S APIARY 126 Spruce Rd. Carleton Pace 613-253-0566 Unpasteurized liquid, raw, chunk, cream & comb honey, beeswax candles, bee keeping equipment Carp FM

34.MCGAHEY FARM Hwy. 7, east of Perth 613-264-9037 turkey, beef, pork, non-certified organic vegetables, garlic, eggs

35.MCGRATH’S BERRY FARM 761 Roses Bridge Rd. Jasper 613-284-0764 PYO & pre-picked strawberries & raspberries

36.MCINTYRE CREEK FARM 934 Bathurst 6th Conc. TVT 613-264-4325 Non-certified organic vegetables, eggs. Perth FM

37.MCKENZIE FARM, Drummond Conc. 8A Balderson 613-264-5071 Non-certified organic eggs, pastured poultry, beef orders for Fall ’15, farmgate by appt.

38.MILKHOUSE FARM & DAIRY 1112 Matheson Dr. Montague 613-285-9250 Farmstead sheep’s cheeses, pasture-raised lamb, all natural wool products. Farmgate by appt.


40.MISSISSIPPI BERRIES Hwy 511, north of Balderson 613-259-9911 PYO & pre-picked strawberries.

41.MONTAGUE HOUSE FARM 1112 Matheson Dr. 613-283-5270 Non-certified grass fed beef, ground or by the quarter. Farm museum. Foodsmiths, farmgate by chance or appt.

42.PALMER BERRY FARM 5020 Salem Rd. Westport 613-273-3376 Asparagus, strawberries, raspberries, corn & squash. Open daily 8 – 6, closed on Sundays.

43.PARKS FAMILY FARM 4724 Bolingbroke Rd. Maberly 613-268-2526 Non-certified organic corn, squash, pumpkins & other seasonal vegetables, garlic braids, honey, eggs & maple syrup. Boer goats for sale.

44.QUINTA VERA 898 Hwy 511 at Armstrong’s Corners 613-264-0327 lamb, seasonal produce & garlic

45.RAVENSFIELD 1688 Old Brooke Rd. 613-268-2248 Wide range of biodynamically certified organic vegetables, CSA, pigs, goats, eggs

46.ROCK-N-HORSE FARM 1267 Rae Rd. Almonte 613-256-6117 Non-certified organic vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, maple syrup, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, lamb & eggs, year round CSA & farmgate

47.ROLLING BROOK ORGANICS Hanna Rd. Maberly 613-812-3847 Non-certified organic eggs, chicken, vegetables, Saanen goats, catering, Red Seal certified chef. Farmgate by appt.

48.SAFFIRE FARM Bennies Corners Rd. Almonte 613-256-3383 Wide range of veg incl. greens, beets, carrots, potatoes, melons, tomatoes, leeks & squash, eggs, meat chickens & grass fed beef. CSA RS

49.SEANIC FARMS 437 Poonamalie Side Rd. Smiths Falls 613-283-3739 Non-certified organic grass fed Highland beef, by the side/quarter, individual cuts, patties, all beef sausage, fresh seasonal vegetables

50.STONY BRAE FARM 111 Rutherford Sideroad TVT 613-264-8015 Non-certified organic vegetables, shiitake mushrooms in Spring & Fall, hay – round or square bales Perth FM, RS CSA

51.SWEET MEADOW FARM 1807 Hwy 511, Balderson 613-259-5757 Wide range of certified organic vegetables, from salad greens, carrots, spinach to sweetcorn. On-farm self serve roadside stand, Foodsmiths & locations in Ottawa & Westport

52.SYLVIA’S PLANT PLACE 2172 Upper 4th Conc., Bathurst Twp. 613-267-7365 Plants & cut flowers, floral design, wholesale & retail. Perth FM, CSA, RS

53.TEAMWORK  CSA/MAPLELANE FARM 325 Conc. 6A Lanark 613-259-2177 Non-certified organic vegetables, pork, eggs, honey Almonte FM, CSA

54.TIRAISLIN FOLD Clarendon Rd. & Kingston Line 613-268-9999 Pasture raised Tibetan yak, highland beef & lamb

55.WARATAH DOWNS 3444 Scotch Line (County Rd 10), Perth 613-267-7050 Abundant variety of certified organic nutritious vegetables. Perth FM, 18 week CSA

56.WELSH HILL FARM 336 Ferguson-Tetlock Rd., DNE 613-283-2322 Grass-fed beef, non-certified organic pastured chicken & eggs, meat CSA

57.WILD PARROT DELECTABLES near Clayton 613-256-8080 Non-certified organic salad greens – fall, early winter & spring. Edamame, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, beans, cukes & more – in season at Peches & Poivre, 89 Mill St. Almonte

58.WINDBLEST FARM 1821 Ferguson’s Falls Rd. 613-259-5484 Pasture raised lamb, wool products & naturally grown vegetables, available at farm gate and McDonalds Corners FM


Lanark Local Flavour Farmgate Sales map 2015

Lanark County Farmers’ Markets

Almonte Public Library parking lot (beside the Beer Store)
Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
May 16th to Thanksgiving

Market Square, corner of Beckwith and Lake Ave.
Saturdays, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
May 9th to Thanksgiving

MERA Schoolhouse McDonalds Corners
Saturdays 9 am to 1 pm
May 16th to Thanksgiving
contact: Lynne Parks 613-278-2739

Tay Basin, between Drummond and Gore Streets
Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm
May 9th to Thanksgiving